Potato Salad 3 Ways! | Chef Jean-Pierre

Hello There Friends! Today I make for you all 3 vastly different Potato Salads from different cultures! These 3 Potato Salads (French, Italian, and German) are all Potato Salads to die for. From Hot Bacon Dressings to a classic Vinaigrette, there Potato Salads showcase the versatility of a Potato Salad! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Spinach Salad:
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23 thoughts on “Potato Salad 3 Ways! | Chef Jean-Pierre

  1. @julianv.5848 says:

    Jeen Pierre that is top Cualety Food right there…🪄🎱🎰♥ and I love all thee of them♥ the French, the German, and the Italian… And I cuold show you how to do the Spanish Potato Salad with ''Red Roasted peeled Pepers'' (Ensalada Pagesa) wihch is wone of my favorite salasd and it is traditional from the Island of Ibiza in the Balearic archipielago of the Mediterranean Sea of Spain, Potatoe Salad with ''Roasted peeled Red Pepers'' and Potatoe's and Virgin Olive Oil…🎱♥ I will do all thee of them and eat every last bit!!
    Jeen Pierre…. 💯

  2. @user-mz6ce3fn7k says:

    The best version is the Austrian style:
    Boile potatoes and slice them into thin leaves (500g). Poure 250ml of hot beef stock over it. Add onionstripes, (one middlelarge). Add 3 spoons of vinegar, 6 of oil (sunflower), salt, pepper, Estrasgon moutarde and a bit of sugar.
    Mix it up and wait for a short time.

  3. @lawalkyrie4051 says:

    When we next organize a BBQ / PIQUE-NIQUE I will ask each of my children to make one of these potato salads and we'll have a contest. I'll put my feet up, read and sing to the grand-babies and not move a finger! Except to stuff my face, while I judge who made the best salad.😋

  4. @kleetus92 says:

    I could have sworn you said you made a hot bacon dressing with garlic flowers! I watched the other recipe and kept looking for them, but they weren't there!

    You probably think I'm nuts, garlic flowers… But if you ever grew garlic, you know if you don't cut that bulb that comes up top, it turns into a poof-ball looking thing with white flowers. I had some garlic chives in my garden I didn't care about, (mostly because I couldn't kill them and they tried to take over) so I let the heads go to flower… They are about may the size of capers… if you're doing a fresh garden salad with all kinds of stuff in it with a vinaigrette or and oil and vinegar dressing, take a pair of scissors, and clip a bunch of those flowers and put them in on top of your salad. They're like a little mini garlic explosion, but not strong and burny like raw garlic, but more like the essence or smell of fresh cut garlic. They are SO GOOD!

  5. @Eric1SanDiego1 says:

    It's truly difficult to think of my favorite reason why I love Chef JP's videos, because there is just so much Good Stuff. However, what stands out for me today is that he will always tell us when it doesn't matter. Want more olives? Add more olives! Don't like olives? Don't put them in. Warm potatoes? Cold potatoes? Doesn't matter. And then, in other videos, when he does something that is really important, HE'LL TELL US! This is critical, my friends, don't skip this step! Very important.

    Chef JP is a Chef's Chef.

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