American Plant Exchange Arbequina Olive Tree Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Delectable Fruit


Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home. This variety is revered as both a table olive, for its mild buttery & lightly fruity flavor, as well as an oil olive for its high oil concentration. Tasty fruit & gorgeous gray-green foliage will evoke the rolling Spanish landscapes where this variety is widely grown. Olives hang well on the tree & ripen at different intervals. Drought-tolerant & pest-resistant. Heat-tolerant. Ripens starting in November. This tree is also self-pollinating. They are an easy-care, slow-growing, plant that thrives indoors and outdoors in zones that stay above 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoors they may be able to reach 15-18′ tall and 12-14′ wide. They prefer bright direct sunlight for no less than 6 hours per day. They are a drought-tolerant tree that are meant to only be watered when the soil in the pot is about 50% dry. All over the growing season feed with a high nitrogen slow-release fertilizer. Because it is a slow-growing plant you may only wish to repot every other year. Shipping and handling can be very tough on live plants so please you’ll want to open and check your plant right away. Mist the foliage and check the soil for moisture. Our plant team gives each plant a drink before they are individually shipped and wrapped so they may not wish to be watered right away. Overwatering is without doubt one of the most common causes of decline in indoor plants. We are unable to ship this plant to California because of restrictions by the California Department of Agriculture. There are no other authorized sellers of American Plant Exchange plants. Please be sure that you order and receive an American Plant Exchange plant shipped and sold by Amazon. American plant exchange is a 35-year-old Florida based nursery that supports women in our community in a mutually beneficial work release skill development program.

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Very popular and beautiful, easy to care for, and long-lived evergreen plants with soft gray-green foliage that produces edible olives
Produces delicious edible olives which can be cured for eating or used to create olive oil; can be kept in a pot indoors or planted outdoors
Olive trees come potted in growing containers and are self-fruitful, producing both male and female flowers on the same tree
Prefers full sun at least six hours a day a sunny, south-facing window sill, table or countertop, in the home or office is ideal
This plant measures 18-20″ tall from the bottom of the pot to the top of the branches; allow the soil to dry out between infrequent waterings

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