Antico Frantoio Muraglia, Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Press, Pop Art Collection, TENTACLES…




DESCRIPTION: The olives are beaten between granite grindstones, grinding slowly to ensure a wonderfully
easy or even paste which is then processed in our fashionable plant, running across the clock to extract an oil with
very low acidity and of incomparable consistency, colour, taste and aroma. Extra virgin olive oil from
Antico Frantoio Muraglia is qualified 100% Made in Italy.

POP ART COLLECTION: Coloured Marine Subjects: octopus, squid and fish in brilliant colours and coloration contrasts
stand out in opposition to the white pottery background, highlighting the purity of the oil within and the easiest
artisan exterior design.


The Peranzana cultivar offers upward push to a sublime oil that may be going completely with subtle dishes; it boasts
very low acidity and an excessively well-balanced style, appropriate for fish and frivolously-cooked dishes. Golden yellow shot thru
with gleams of brilliant green. Its odor is ruled by the use of the varietal traits of the Peranzana olive: complete and aromatic,
it has rich and brilliant scents of tomato, rocket, radish and brilliant notes of artichoke.

Antico Frantoio Muraglia

Custom and Contemporaneity. Earth and Sea. Colour and Purity
The NEW 2017 Pop Artwork Assortment pottery bottles are utterly hand-molded, each bottle is exclusive
Two nice Apulian traditions have come in combination in those colourful hand-crafted ceramic bottles: a collectible piece of Italian design in your kitchen and an ordinary olive oil at one pass
100 % Italian Olive oil. An excellent reward for all foodies
Every bottled is a Distinctive Collectible Italian kitchen artwork design piece. The easiest dinner reward

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