Ellora Farms, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gift Pack, Gold Medal Winner New York, London, Israel, Tokyo, Certified PDO…


PROTECTIVE DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN “PDO”- Ellora Farms Olive Oil is certified by the European Union as to the origin and to its quality. Fresh from the Groves this 100% Pure Greek Extra Virgin Ultra-Premium Olive Oil is known for its rich fruity aroma and a characteristic peppery flavor. Each bottle and tin is numbered in accordance with a strictly monitored procedure.
SINGLE ORIGIN & SINGLE ESTATE – The olive oil is harvested and bottled at source at the Olive Estates of Messara region in the Island of Crete, Greece. The fruity aroma in this EVOO is due to the ” 100% Messara Olive variety”
FOOD PAIRING – Pairs Best With Leafy Green Salads, Garden Salads, Raw Vegetables, Boiled or Steamed Veg, Broiled Fish, Grilled Fish, White Meat, Soft Cheese, Pasta, Pizza, Soups & Stews, Sauces, Legumes and Pulses, Rice pilaf or Plain rice.