Frantoi Cutrera – Selezione – Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, Sicilian Pure EVOO, Premium 2022/23 Early Harvest First…


PREMIUM PRODUCT OF SICILY – This Olive Oil from olive groves in the heart of Iblei Mountain, is a unique masterpiece that embodies the tradition, flavors, and high nutritional values hidden in the Sicilian land. It is considered the best area on the island for the production of premium quality olive oil.
ALL NATURAL PRODUCTION – This early harvest extra virgin olive oil is olive milled within 6 hr of picking the olives or less, resulting in polyphenol rich olive oil (antioxidants), and Low Acidity levels.
FULL BODIED – This high-quality, unfiltered, imported olive oil from italy has a fruity aroma with beautiful notes of artichoke, oregano and green tomato that will instantly transport you to southeast Sicily. wonderful olive oil for dipping or when paired with grilled meat and fish, soups and salads, bruschetta, sauces and vegetables.