Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 lt



For greater than 4 generations, the Barbera family of Palermo, Sicily has been meticulously settling on the most productive olives available each 12 months to provide an choice of extra virgin olive oils. Barbera’s Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bought from chilly urgent the best top quality Sicilian olives: biancolilla, nocellara, erasuola originating within the surrounding spaces of Partanna, Castelvetrano, Ribera, Sciacca and Trabia. This oil is characterised by means of its distinct persona, its conventional aroma evocative of unpolluted fruit and its delicately fruity taste that leaves an aftertaste of candy almonds.

Best conceivable Earlier than 2023
Fruity Taste, Highly spiced Aroma, Gourmand
First Chilly Pressed
Made of Italy, Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil,

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