Frantoia Barbera, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 Liter- Pack of 1



FRANTOIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3 Liter Tin, Net Cont.: 101.4 US FL.OZ. For more than four generations, the Barbera circle of relatives of Palermo, Sicily has been meticulously selecting the finest olives grown within the western Central Hills of Sicily, to be had every year to produce an assortment of extra virgin olive oils. The FRANTOIA oil is a blend of Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara olive varieties from the surrounding areas of Partanna, Castelvetrano, Ribera, Sciacca and Trabia. FRANTOIA is a top-quality virgin olive oil obtained by cold extraction in traditional oil-presses. Handpicked from the trees, the olives are sent day by day to the olive press, where the olives are carefully crushed by traditional granite grinders. A cold centrifuge system is used for extraction guaranteeing maximum hygiene. Tradition and advance technology are joined together within the production of this elegant full bodied gold green olive oil. What makes FRANTOIA fine extra virgin olive oil fairly different from the other oils and olive oil is its distinct personality: the typical aroma, harking back to fresh olives, the golden greenish color, its thin texture and wealthy delicate fruity flavor, loaded with olive notes and hints of herb that leave a pleasant aftertaste of sweet almonds. In an effort to appreciate olive oil at its best, we suggest the usage of it raw on bread, fresh cheese, salad, vegetables, soups and all fish dishes.

First Cold Pressed, very low acidity
Delicate Spiced Aroma; Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% Natural
Imported from Italy
Great healthy quality gift for everyone!

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