Frantoio Franci Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Franci Bio Handpicked Authentic Italian EVOO Award Winning…


CHARACERITSICS: This 100% Italian, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was harvested in October – November 2020 in Tuscany. This olive oil was harvested manually (cold-pressed) to ensure the highest quality.
TASTE: This carefully selected variety blend is very well balance and clean, with the aroma of fresh cut greens. This olive oil has a slightly sweet flavor, followed by a palatable and slightly bitter spice. Notes of herbs and artichoke and a rich persistence of vegetable, this EVOO is an excellent addition to all of your favorite dishes.
USES: Perfect for every day; use this olive oil for soups, meats, salads, raw foods and you can use to sauté and fry your dishes. Drizzle on your fruit salad or desserts. It’s the perfect addition to your pantry.