Hyoola Tall Taper Candles – 14 Inch Olive Green Unscented Dripless Taper Candles – 12 Hour Burn Time – 12 Pack




Need one thing to light up your decor at your special day? Look no additional than our tall taper candles by Hyoola. They exude a heat glow and a long-lasting flame.

Our tapered candles are designed narrower on prime and wider in the direction of the bottom which is in a position to slot in most standard-sized candle sticks holders. Made of 100% high-quality paraffin wax, our lengthy candles are dipped in layers, for a wonderful clean end. Our 100% cotton wick ensures a long-lasting, even burn.


100% Paraffin Wax
100% Cotton Wicks
Over Dipped for Smooth Finish
Made in Europe
Perfect for Restaurants, Weddings, and Parties.

3 Sizes:

10” – 8 Hour Burn Time
12” – 10 Hour Burn Time
14” – 12 Hour Burn Time

Available Colors: White, Ivory, Cream, Dark Grey, Woolwhite, Antique Rose, Taupe, Celery Green, Burgundy, Sahara, Turquoise, Terra Orange, Middle of the night Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Copper, Light Pink, Mauve Pink, Purple, Grey Blue, Ice Blue, Yellow, Orange, Cherry Red, Olive Green, Sage Green, Silver Grey


Hyoola’s tapers candles 12-pack equip you for any event, whether or not or not it’s a marriage or celebration, non secular observance, and extra. Their elegant tapered form, makes them excellent for church prayers, and different non secular rituals as effectively.

Why Are My Taper Candles Dripping?

The candle might not be fully vertical. If your taper candle is not standing straight, it will have to burn erratically, which might result in wax operating far down the lengthy candle earlier than it hardens.
There may very well be a draft, air-con, followers, outdoor, window draft, along with a slight breeze, also can trigger the candle follow burn erratically and result in dripping.

Ignite your creativity with Hyoola Dripless Candles! Great prime quality supplies blended with unattainable utility that can brighten your days!

UNSCENTED DINNER CANDLES: Scent free candles sticks, retains your own home clear from poisonous fumes and unsightly smells.
EUROPEAN QUALITY: Made in Europe by the world’s finest candle makers. Try it for your self and see the distinction.
MULTIPURPOSE: Use as Candles for Candlesticks, Candelabra Candles, Christmas Taper Candles, Wedding Ceremonies, Parties, Candlelight Dinners, Synagogues, and Churches.
DRIPLESS CANDLES: It isn’t magic, dripless candles for candlesticks is a perfect mix of onerous wax and a superbly sized wick. But for a candles taper to stay dripless, burning circumstances need to be superb. The candle sticks lengthy need to face vertically. Keep the dripless candlesticks away from drafts.
COLOR: Olive Green. SIZE: 14 inch top x 3/4 inch diameter (350mm x 20mm). BURN TIME: 12-hours. UNCENTED: Fragrance free. WICK: Smokeless, 100% cotton, lead-free. FITS: Standard candle holders.

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