Joe’s Super-Fuzed Roasted Garlic Herb Oil, Gourmet Small-Batch EVO Olive Oil Blend for Bread Dipping, Vegetable Roasting…


THE TASTIEST OILS ON EARTH – Literally! We perfected the process for super-fuzing oil with massive flavor. Bold. Unique. Scrumptious. This is NOT a wimpy infused, fused, or flavored oil, but SuperFuzed with flavor the usage of our Trade Secret small-batch recipe. A full-bodied, savory flavor with a touch of heat. Taste buds explode with the all natural blend of olive and canola oil, fresh roasted garlic, kosher salt, crushed red peppers, rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, and love – nothing else.
WORLDS BEST DIPPING, FINISHING, & COOKING OILS – This oil levels it all up…guaranteed or your money back! It is in point of fact a kitchen staple with endless uses. Perfect for roasting vegetables, dipping bread, in dressings, on popcorn, on poultry and beef…the list is endless. Recipe ideas included with every jar to get your creative juices going.
THE WORLD’S FIRST SPOONABLE OILS – Spoonable on purpose! Your oil is delivered in a wide-mouth jar so you’ll use it, easily, in different ways. Spoon just oil for saute; stir the jar and spoon oil with the roasted, herby goodness for finishing your favorite soup, potato, pasta, steak; scoop just the dense, intense herby good stuff resting at the bottom of the jar for meat rubs, compound butters, mayo additions…It’s all so good, it deserves to be spooned.
THE BEST GIFT ON THE PLANET – Never struggle with the perfect gift again. Your family and friends will applaud you for giving them improbable flavor. If they like food, they’ll love SuperFuzed Oil! Every drop will be enjoyed! Your Gift to them is boxed in a simple white box perfect for gift giving as a Christmas gift, housewarming gift, foodie gift, corporate gift, holiday gift, or ANY gift giving occasion. Proudly made in the USA.
CUSTOMERS RAVE… “This stuff is true “Culinary Crack”’ – “Makes my extraordinary recipes ordinary” – “My jar sits next to my stove with a spoon ready to go…” – “I don’t wish to open 6 jars of spices to get the perfect seasoning” – “It’s my ‘secret’ – please don’t tell anyone” TRY ME RISK FREE – We’re so sure you’ll find it irresistible, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. is our Exclusive Retailer – No wish to shop elsewhere.

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