LA ESPAÑOLA First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 Liter




“La Española” was once founded in 1840 and is the oldest olive oil company in Spain. The brand name was once taken from the Spanish Colony La Española island, where Hernando Columbus (Christopher Columbus’ son) first started exporting olive oil produced at Hacienda Guzman in Seville in the 16th century. Today this factory is owned by La Española Oils. La Española is traditional, but also innovative with products adapted to the needs of American consumers and offers the widest range of olive oils out there. All La Española products are natural and healthy.Since 1840, LA ESPAÑOLA has been an ally in the kitchen, producing a diverse and exciting range of olive oils to enrich and toughen the unique flavour of your dishes. Bring out the most efficient in your recipes with the legendary LA ESPAÑOLA, regarded as the oldest olive oil from Spain.

A REAL FRUIT JUICE: Our 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil belongs to the best quality category in the industry. By prioritizing fresh ingredients all over the journey from tree to table, we preserve the oil’s robust and beautiful taste
FIRST COLD PRESSED: La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold-pressed because of this fresher and more flavorful olive oil
BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: La Española Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds a full and fruity flavor and aroma to your meal
HIGH SMOKE POINT: Our EVOO has a high smoking point (up to 395, 6 F) and will also be reused up to 25 times
PEPPERY ZEST AND PLEASANT BITTERNESS: It’s intense and well-balanced flavor, makes our EVOO perfect for dips and dressings. We also recommend you to use our olive oil for a delicious final touch for your dishes

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