My Land Greek Olive Oil – Buttery Fresh, Cold Pressed, Small Farm Grown Manaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Picked at Peak…


EXPERIENCE PREMIUM SELECT ORGANIC MANAKI EVO: Grown on the slopes of the Ancient City of Epidaurus in sun-drenched Peloponnese, in an ideal microclimate, using traditional methods where love for holistic food and drama are integral parts of life. Single origin and variety made only from manaki golden-green olives among the ancient known olive varieties to provide a consistent taste our customers have grown to love. USDA Certified Organic.
SOURCED FROM A SMALL FAMILY FARM: My land olives are picked and transferred to a local mill within a day where the fresh oil is immediately stored in individual numbered containers and then is bottled. We never add or remove anything to keep our oil as pure as it gets. The result is 100% organic unfiltered pure olive oil extra virgin from a family-owned farm direct to your kitchen.
TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Experience a rich and bold taste boasting notes of ripe fruit with green grass and flowers. You’ll love the alluring aroma that provides a warm buttery sweetness to your favourite dishes.