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The science of Olive Oil with Oliveoilogy


Established in 2020, Oliveoilogy is a new brand that aims to deliver the amazing qualities that the village of Martha in Crete has to offer, empowering our customers to make decisions about what enters their body! By importing the most delicious Greek olive oil to our customers, we hope to transport them on a culinary adventure to the Greek Island of Crete, where olive oil is a staple in everyday life. Only the best will do! By ensuring only the most accomplished processes are undertaken to deliver the sort of task, we imagine that our Greek Olive Oil lives up to the high standards set by Greece as the worlds premium olive oil producer.


Our Cretan organic extra virgin olive oil offers a whole host of wonderful benefits…

AUTHENTIC FLAVOR, deliciously smooth, light, fruity and peppery

DELIGHTFUL AROMAS, awaken your senses with a euphoric Greek smell

VERSATILE, uplifts almost any dish

HEALTHY, take 2 hours after waking with a glass of water to revitalize your morning routine

IMPORTED FROM CRETE, unmistakably Greek olive oil


The Cretan’s enjoy their olive oil as a huge part of the culture, helping them to take care of their famously long lives even as enjoying tasty food. The exceptional conditions in which our olive oil is cultivated make Martha Village stand out! It’s idyllic topography is blessed with an unbelievable biodiversity, climate and Greek sunshine to provide in point of fact superior taste, total body resilience and a vitality boost! Greek olive oil has the richest source of mono-unsaturated fats for a perfectly simple addition to a healthy lifestyle. Drizzle the goodness of Crete and incorporate this living elixir into your daily rituals for distinctive flavors and wondrous health benefits!


Oliveoilogy Greek Olive Oil, you can be telling your friends where you got yours!

THE TASTE OF CRETE – Be transported into an ancient Greek Taverna in the comfort of your home with Oliveoilogy Greece Olive Oil! Harvested from the stunning Martha Village in Crete, start your journey to a healthier and happier you with a mouth-wateringly smooth olive oil.
AUTHENTIC FLAVOR – Our pure and organic extra virgin olive oil is delightfully smooth, yet rich and fruity, just how the Cretan’s have enjoyed it for centuries. This Greek olive oil from Greece harnesses the traditional peppery flavor of high grade, ancient olive oil.
A HEALTHIER LIFE AWAITS YOU – Enjoy a multitude of unbelievable health benefits with our Crete olive oil can help to reinforce a multitude of health benefits. Original extraction methods ensure the olive oil stays nutrient and antioxidant rich! It’s no mistake that the Cretan Islanders live longer!
DRIZZLE ON EVERYTHING – Drizzle this Greek olive oil liberally over a whole host of mains and sides for delectable flavourings! Add Cretan restaurant quality and authenticity to your salad dressings and bread dipping, or your Mediterranean, Mexican or Middle Eastern recipes!
THOUGHTFULLY CURATED – Each 500ml extra virgin olive oil bottle is housed in a sophisticated glass bottle suitable for any kitchen counter. Crafted laboriously with time-tested techniques used in ancient Cretan taverna’s, to bring you and your family healthy, and flavorsome dishes. A clean print on the side indicates the ml left in your bottle, and is also emblazoned with encouraging messages that can assist you along your health and wellness journey. You’re doing amazing!

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