Tony Gemignani Olive Oil, Hot Pepper



World cup pizza champion Tony Gemignani’s hot pepper olive oil adds just the precise heat for any pizza or pasta dish or any dish where a creamy, gourmet heat is desired. A dual-float pour spout ensures you are adding just the correct quantity. Each and every time Tony Gemignani is the chef and owner of 20 restaurants: Tony’s pizza napoletana, capo’s, tony’s coal-fired pizza and slice house at atandt park in san francisco, pizza rock in sacramento and las vegas and tony’s of north beach and slice house by Tony Gemignani in rohnert park. He’s also proprietor of the international school of pizza in san francisco where he certifies chefs from world wide. Gemignani, an 12 time world champion, has been making pizza for more than 20 years and holds an impressive set of awards. His additional books include tony’s cookbook: Pizza and tony and the pizza champions.

The very best heat for italian food
Extra virgin olive oil and red pepper drizzle
No preservatives
No artificial flavors or colors
Enjoy on pizza and pasta and all of your favorite dishes

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