Pythagorean home amidst olive grove offers views & protection

Asked through an Athens couple to design a home embedded of their olive grove, architect Tilemachos Andrianopoulos used geometry to appreciate the bushes, supply protection from wind and solar, and open up the place of dwelling to the mountain views.

In Alice in Wonderland type, the home starts small at a tip of a triangle the place the partitions are low. The partitions develop and stretch because the home progresses uphill funneling views towards the Gerania mountains.

On two facets of the triangle the one openings are slits which let in safe mild and views (all different home windows open out onto one among two inside courtyards. At the mountain-side of the home, the wall is just about double the scale of the smaller finish, and the glass can also be utterly opened to let the olive bushes in.

In symbiosis with the native ecosystem, the home is roofed in a residing roof, adjusted to the Greek climatic stipulations, particularly the ones of Attica with lavender, helichrysum, auras, drosanthemum and thyme. Inside the courtyards there is not any grass, however all native plantings and walkways of rammed earth.

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22 thoughts on “Pythagorean home amidst olive grove offers views & protection”

  1. I do love this house, it is designed to flow with nature, to add to nature and not to take away from nature like most houses that are being and have been built in the past. I think Frank Lloyd Wright would like this house.

    Now that they have finished building their house I hope they will spend time taking care of their olive grove. Frome what I was able to see there is not one tree that doesn't have suckers on them. Most of the suckers look like they have been growing for a year of two and I believe this is the reason they didn't get a big crop of olives this year.

    I had my Dad's citrus orchard for many years and every day I would go out with my clippers and walked the entire orchard and if I saw a sucker growing I would clip it. If you are not going to take care of your Dad's olive grove then you don't deserve to have it.

  2. If she had interplanted another type tree or shub that is more tolerant of the moisture and heat she could have had a crop to harvest instead of having little to show for the amount of land planted…

  3. The beauty is in the creativity involved in the structure but, for me views of such a beautiful place here are killed by the concrete wall around it. Very nice video, love the place and the people 💕👌✨ Thank you for sharing your beautiful home🙏

  4. In your videos, you speak of protective aspects of the various architectures, but don’t address the conditions of the locale. Why does this Greek house need protection? I imagine it’s a but weather, wind, privacy, but I think it would be interesting to explicitly mention specific conditions. Thanks.

  5. let me tell lady, that Tilemachos architect screwed you well and properly, all that concrete in the middle of the field, and from every corner the brutal concrete view.

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