Remaking the Olive Oil Cake that almost sent me home from Next Level Chef

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If you watched episode 11 of Next Level Chef then you know I need REDEMPTION!! While we won the team challenge keeping me safe from elimination, I was not proud of the dish I put on the platform. So today we are trying again using the same recipe but the proper time in the oven.

Today courtesy of Zach Laidlaw we are using his olive oil cake recipe so I can show you how delicious this cake is!

Now I’m moving into the TOP 7!!!

Find the full recipe HERE:

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In this video Nicole Renard Warren shows you how to make the olive oil cake from Next Level Chef Season 3 episode 11. She memorized this recipe from Zach Laidlaw and together they won top dish overall keeping them safe for one more week. Will Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington advance Nicole to another round?

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11 thoughts on “Remaking the Olive Oil Cake that almost sent me home from Next Level Chef

  1. @Wesley_Peter_Redmond says:

    Hey, Nicole! I was so sad to see you go from Next Level Chef.😞 But, c'est la vie.🙂 You were amazing on the show and I really enjoyed watching it.

    I can't wait to see all the other amazing things that will happen for you this year!

    Stay safe, Nicole!🤠

  2. @vrenard67 says:

    I think I would have grabbed the metal ladle in the bottom kitchen bent the handle to make it stand in the oven and poured batter in it to cook like an angel food cake! Then hope I don’t need the ladle!😂

  3. @KonservativeKim says:

    Hi Nicole! I was sad to see you go as your enthusium & energy makes it easy to be rooting for you! If it cant be you, Im now rooting for Zach in hopes that winning Next Level Chef wouldnt just help him but Lahaina as well by giving Zach a bigger platform & access. How about a Zach-Nicole collab after Next Level is over!?🤔

  4. @KonservativeKim says:

    Nicole, never look at yourself "just as a baker" again. Top 7 on a nationwide cooking competition is nothing to scoff about! You made a lambs tongue pizza (among other things) so you can do all kinds of savory cooking too!! Ill here for it, all of the recipes you can put together!!
    I actually loved all of the episodes as Im a cooking show junkie, especially Gordons & Ive seen the all (Hells Kitchen, Masterchef, Masterchef Jr, Next Level Chef & the rest as there is more!) Ive also seen every season of Top Chef. Needless to say, Im not a stranger to these shows & I must say I love the format of Next Level in that its something a little different!!

  5. @cinthiav_seventen says:

    Nicole!!!! I've been watching Next Level and I'm so obsessed!!! I was so sad you were eliminated but you really made me cry when you were in the elevator and you said to yourself "I made it" that made me so happy and so emotional in so happy for you!! You really did make the best of yourself and every episode you always looked like you were trying your best out there!!! 💝✨🫶🏻

  6. @pinkrose7160 says:

    Nichole!!! I’m so proud of you to make it so far in next level chef! I was so sad to see you eliminated, but I know you put your heart out in every single dish you made, keep letting Jesus shine in you! We love u Nichole!

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