Repurposed Van Build Ideas: Meet Our Junk Camper! (&Upcycled Kitchen)

We’ve been away for a while but for good reasons… In this video we share some cool repurposing ideas and we continue to upcycle junk to finish building our budget campervan.

Let us know what you think of the end result and stay tuned for more!

Marola & Ali

Ps. In case you liked the project planner we used in this video as seen at 07:03 and 15:17 : Marola designed this herself to help with the build. If you would like to get one just shoot us a message!

Watch the absolute beginning of our (rusty) low-budget van build:

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00:00 Introducing the Challenge
00:43 Old nightstand becomes…
01:33 Making a countertop
02:08 This did not happen
03:02 Meet Jacyntha
05:25 Marola vs spiders
07:00 Making wavey creations
09:37 Trying something NEW
10:15 Scary Story Time
11:15 Making holes for cables
11:40 Outdoor folding table
12:03 The Scrappiest Spice Rack
14:11 Things get real
15:37 Banana hammock time
15:51 Plate shelve out of old rack
16:37 Creative with sticks
17:18 Paint brings style
18:13 Installing EVERYTHING
21:28 End Result!

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26 thoughts on “Repurposed Van Build Ideas: Meet Our Junk Camper! (&Upcycled Kitchen)

  1. @oneshiningstar281 says:

    You’re so clever using all those bits of different wood pieces and scraps to build out that hose fabulous pieces. The finished product is so cool looking, my favourite is definitely the piece with elastic on. Just subscribed as now can’t wait to see the finished van and journey along the way 🥰

  2. @rocknmamma2666 says:

    Oh my gosh. Your subtlety interspersed bits of humorous remarks were so wonderful. They really brightened my day. And they fit so perfectly with your delightful expressive facial expressions. You must be professionals.
    You are both a delight to my soul ❣️
    I'm subscribing. I'm in "sunny San Diego, California where it's only been hitting 27-30 degrees overnight with 60-50 highs. I can't imagine working bundled up in your obviously 🥶🥶🥶attire. Your husband's remark "oh that's heavy" on holding the banana macramé rack had me rolling on the floor with laughter.
    Such a delight to watch you both. Thank you for your superb presentation 🙏❄️☃️

  3. @goodvolks2know372 says:

    I love your creativity and that you're using stuff you already have. We hope to start building our shuttle bus in the next year. And I hope to build our cabinets ourselves. I noticed when you drill you had some "blow out" if you put "painters tape" above and below where you drill, that won't happen.

  4. @donnathompson96 says:

    I just watched this video. My grand daughter is moving back home in September from California. She had ask me if I would help her build a van motor home. I told her sure . I'm sending this video to her. She is gonna be blown away… thank you guys so much.. it gives me hope that we can do this.. thank so much..

  5. @LaineyBug2020 says:

    For the banana hammock, I would think an anchor string diagonally from the corner back to the top of the rack on each side or from a hook screwed into the ceiling or something similar would work.

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