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Dying space vegetation are a not unusual sight in nearly each and every plant mother or father’s house. While we’re positive your vegetation are stored glad of their pots and planters, due to some not unusual issues they may get started dying. Well, if in case you have one of these plant in your area, dont make a haste to throw it away. It would possibly come back wholesome and hairy once more. Watch the video to know the way.
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46 thoughts on “Revive Dying Plants || Simple hacks to bring your dying plant back to life || Annu Ke Nuskhe”

  1. Sir I bought a jade plant a month did well at first then it's leaves started falling off..I repotted the plant but still its not growing new leaves but its stem is still green. Please help..

  2. Hello Sir!
    It is such a relief to know that a plant that looks dead can actually be revived.
    I got a Holly Bonsai as gift, repotted it as the soil wasn't retaining water.
    But after repotting, all it leaves turned brown and now it is just branches, some green mostly brown, some going crisp.

    I really really dont want it to die.. please tell me what to do!

    I can share before after pics on insta if you would like!

  3. Sir plzzzz help me out…my poinsettia is dyinggg..its leaves are falling off and the stem is changing its colour..plzzz help me sooon and tell me what i do..recently i had removed the plant from the pot as i saw it was having a small pot inside the big pot in which it was i cut of the smaller pot and again put it back in the big pot..but now its becoming weaker day by day..was there any mistake by me?? Plz tell me soon

  4. Hey, thanks for the video. My jade plant is completely dried out, its stem and roots are brown and shedding skin. I tried everything to save it but sadly nothing worked. Please help me with the situation. The plant is gifted by someone very special and I can't afford to lose it. PLEASE HELP.

  5. Should i cut off all the leaves? Or just the ones, that are visibly dead? Because my plant is shedding healthy leaves also. As soon as i touch my tree it drops like 5 leaves. I feel like if i just shake it slightly, it will go bald. So i thought.. maybe i should just cut all the stems with the leaves, so new stems can grow with stronger leaves?

  6. My golden aralia shed all the leaves because of irregular watering. Can anyone tell how I can revive it. I have given vermi compost to it and watering regularly. I could see very small leaves coming out but then these leaves are also drying before they grow. What to do. Please someone save my golden aralia.

  7. My braided Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) was huge, I had it for years but it lost most of its leaves. Some branches are completely bare and some only have new leaves at the very tip. Should I cut the bare branches? How can I get the plant bushier again? Thanks in advance.

  8. For transportation purpose I removed all the leaves and let the jade plant dry for a week. After a week I repotted the plant. Its been more 8 days now I can't see any new leaves? What should I do now?

  9. I am sorry…there was a alot of BS . But the main tips. Where to keep a dying ficus bonsai . How much to water. What to cut off wasnt even talked about. Wasted mins of my life

  10. Yes you are correct . How would you manage your plants properly in balcony in 45 degree of sun? And could u suggest me some plants for this much temperature?

  11. thank you for sharing because this is great advice. I got a gardenia plant and it was so beautiful, while listening to you I really why it has been dying. I put it next to the AC unit outdoor also. I had no idea until now so thank you I'm about to get to working on it now.

  12. Hi Annu! Needed some help. Tiny black ants infested my mint plant and it soon started to die. Once dead, now they've made another plant pot their home. Is my assumption that they're killing the plant correct? Also what can be done to avoid this? Thank you.

  13. Hi. Our bonsai is not feeling well. It's a ginseng and sadly the leaves are falling and they are some brown dots on them… when I bought it we found out the soil wasn't good so we went to a professional to repot it. Its been three weeks ever sense we repotted it but it still haven't healed yet… what should we do?

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