Salt Water Treatment – Spiritual healing (2 mins)

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Reduce tiredness, feel more refreshed and become calmer through this 15 minute Salt Water Treatment. It is simple and a more effective spiritual healing method to remove negative energy from one’s body and mind, compared to pranic healing. Watch this demonstration on what you’ll need and how to do.

There is some information available on the internet about salt baths for cleansing and salt foot baths. Although the commonly used salt water bathing may have some psychological benefits, our spiritual research indicates that for good results on a spiritual level some Do’s and Don’ts should be followed: Pure rock salt should be preferred, only the feet should be immersed and keep a distance towards each other and the duration of the salt water remedy should not exceed 15 minutes. Read our free spiritual research article on Salt Water Therapy here:

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31 thoughts on “Salt Water Treatment – Spiritual healing (2 mins)

  1. @ramirezowy1269 says:

    Hello, I would like to know where exactly this knowledge comes from?
    I mean the original source of this knowledge.
    Where could I find more information about this healing method? (Apart from Your website).

  2. @anmolrathore1734 says:

    this remedy is working very realistic if you are feeling so much depressed anxiety or if you are getting suicidal thought . feeling will totally changed to very positive you feel lighter and free

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