SHIENA Arbequine Extra Virgin Olive Oil PREMIUM SELECTION

SHIENA Arbequine Extra Virgin olive oil PREMIUM SELECTION is a gourmet elixir of limited production made in our centennial mill (dated of 1912) located in Marça in the heart of Priorat, a genuine millennial olive oil Terroir.
Made of small Arbequina olives, a rare jewel that gives our olive oil its singular excellence and undisputable quality.
It is at the top quality of olive oils’ classification, with no defects and a flavor of fresh olives since it is simply pressed fruit juice without additives, full of nutrition and antioxidants properties. Made of 100% thoroughly selected arbequine olives and bottled under very strict specifications. SHIENA Extra Virgin olive oil offers superior quality and flavor together with all the healthy salutary nutriments found in very few oils. It is an essential ingredient of our Mediterranean diet.

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