Shopping At Costco For Vitamins & Supplements – What To Buy & Avoid

I’m again at Costco exploring the nutrients, supplements, and collagen powders to inform you what is just right, and what chances are you’ll wish to move on. Costco has a ton of nutrients on the warehouse, however you in reality must learn past the diet profile, and notice what is within the different substances. Some multi-nutrients, prenatals, and extra have added sugar, synthetic flavors, and soybean oil! Costco does have the most efficient deal ever on grass-fed collagen peptide powder, and you have got a few choices to selected from. You in reality have to rigorously learn the total element listing at the nutrients and supplements, as it roughly defeats the aim while you upload sugar and different nasty substances to objects that should be just right for you. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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Primal kitchen collagen gas(Gr8 for espresso):

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Costco shops that lift our cookbook for the check run:
Gig Harbor

Central Point

CHICAGO, Lincoln Park

Colorado Springs, barnes rd. & nevada ave

Coeur D Alene

Tucson, Arizona..6255 E. Grant Rd

Carlsbad, California

Maplewood, Minnesota

Kalispell, Montana


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26 thoughts on “Shopping At Costco For Vitamins & Supplements – What To Buy & Avoid

  1. Naseer Ahmad Afzali says:

    Hello. For having strong muscle and bone which collagen or supplement are very good . Need your idia i am having low muscle strength and low hone. Answer me plz faster . Thanks to your kindness.

  2. Dash Riprock says:

    Bobby the Kirkland fish oil you picked up has something called tocopherol. I've been taking carlson's fishoil for over 15 years. For a while I switched the vitamin shoppe brand..suppose to be the same but less expensive. Then I noticed there is soybean oil. So I switched back to carlsons but there is tocopherols in it. I called the company and they said the tocopherols come from soybean oil and assured me there is no estrogen in the plant fat. What is the deal with tocopherol?

  3. dnoallyn16 98 says:

    So, it's just so incorrect what you're saying about sucralose. That study that was done on mice,( where it was found that it was harmful or caused that spike, that dopamine hit, to then tell the body to raise blood sugar) or that it causes cancer and makes you grow a tail, was thrown out. It was their circumstances. The mice were affected by somethin else. So that was thrown out about 10 years ago but because it went around the internet like wildfire. People still believe it. You can even look up a video where they show that aspartame and fake sugars, are only picked up by the body on the tongue, and just pass right through the body, to waste. Look up "Chemistry debunks the biggest aspartame health myths" the still on the video is gears. ⚙️ ⚙️. There's just no truth to this. Also gmos are not as dangerous for you as people make you think. Lol. It's a buzz word. There was a pic going around years ago where there was two ears of corn standing on pegs. One had been eaten a lot by bugs, the gmo one had only had one or two kernels nibbled on. The comment under the pic said "even the bugs know not to eat it!" No. It's because it's fuckin designed to deter bugs to save crops!! Lmao. You don't think a dog unsafe, unhealthy or unnatural because of cross breeding.. lol. They can do that with plants too. Science. It's an amazing thing. Look into it.

  4. Wendy Copeland says:

    I had a kidney transplant a year ago and I have experienced tons of hair loss. Is there a good supplement you can recommend in a pill form? I would love to try the collagen peptides but I am trying to avoid consuming a lot of protein. Tia and thank you for your videos, they are very helpful.

  5. Dawn says:

    Can I ask you a question please. I have hurt my back and I Believe I have a lot of inflammation, I would like to take turmeric, Can you please please recommend A good supplement there's so many out there I don't understand. Thank you so much if you can

  6. leungfun says:

    hi thanks for the video, it is well informed. I am hoping you can give me a suggestion, I am looking to buy olive oil, are there any good olive oil in the market you can suggest? thanks

  7. Daughter Of The King says:

    Really? I'm extremely surprised that you are encouraging people to take that Collagen or any Collagen and by the way the Chocolate version has a Warning on the back of the label!

    I've been watching you and darling Rose for quite sometime!
    I'm very disappointed.

  8. Jason Rowell says:

    It's not smart for Costco to stop you from filming. I hope they see this. I typically don't shop at Costco because I don't expect there to be much that isn't garbage. You show me reasons to get some things at Costco. And I'm guessing the majority of viewers to channels like this are more likely to avoid Costco if you aren't able to go in and show some things that are actually good. That collagen for example, I literally just bought the same bottle for $60 yesterday at gnc. I would have bought it at Costco if I had seen this first. And will continue to buy it at Costco from now on because you were in their store showing products.

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