Sicily: Strangest snorkel trip ever? (Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Italy)

Anthony Bourdain is perplexed when he’s surrounded by half-frozen, sinking dead octopuses on a fishing tour in Sicily.

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25 thoughts on “Sicily: Strangest snorkel trip ever? (Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Italy)

  1. Chef DeMarco says:

    This was it for him. I think this episode started him into that dark decline , life wasn’t real on TV. The fake ass bullshit of camera life exposed what he hated the most. I think he came to terms that it was never going to change.

  2. Lee McBride says:

    Traveling the world. Meeting exotic and interesting people while eating incredible food. All while getting paid for it. Yes, I could see where that would get pretty depressing.

  3. BasedLawyer says:

    CNN set this up I’m sure. Fake like all the rest of the things they do. I remember when I left travel channel for cnn. I knew it was a mistake. It didn’t gel with his show. I read an article where he said he saw some reporter land with a military plane and personnel and he wanted that. He was better off small. CNN ruins everything.

  4. herrfinke1 says:

    Did he confront the crew?? I know he got super upset and slammed 18 drinks or something, but did he keep it inside? Also, I'm pretty amazed that it was aired!! Hats off to the network on that!

  5. Plutobaby999 says:

    So basically someone on the production team or the locals he met with dumped dead sea creatures all over to make it seem like that place was prime fishing waters in the name of television

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