Spain update – Don’t touch that olive oil

Spain update and 11 people have been arrested for adulterating olive oil and passing it off as a top quality product.

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Olive Oil Milling Machines Al-Sadoun

26 thoughts on “Spain update – Don’t touch that olive oil

  1. @EdMcF1 says:

    Anyone remember the Spanish cooking oil scandal of the early 1980s? It was all a bit mysterious, but there was a claim that door-to-door salesmen had sold contaminated cooking oil all over Spain and made many people ill.

  2. @andrewmeasures2312 says:

    Hi Stuart. Enjoyed watching the livestream tonight. Unfortunately I was too late to join in. Interesting topics tonight. Can't understand the the comment from the person mixing olive oil with sunflower oil. All she is doing is to ruin a good olive oil and just end up with a mediocre one. Personally I only use sunflower oil for chips. Everything else OO or EVOO or butter. All the best Stuart and thanks for the great work you do.

  3. @yanassi says:

    Hola stu and guest. In seville, that park is plaza de espana. It’s one of my places to discover in spain. It’s a tribute to spain’s naval dominance in the world back when.

  4. @yanassi says:

    Jeesus stu, you hit the nail on the head on your best foods comment. A agree, variety. Yesterday’s comment on the same food being offered all over spain, scared me. I had to pause my spain speaks viewing to double check the offerings in valencia. Thankfully, there’s a selection and i resumed spain speaks.?

  5. @OneWealthAM says:

    Hey Stu, I heard the debate about the Nolitil drug. To be honest, Big Pharma rule the world, whether you believe it or not and no matter what the scandal, the Big Pharma just pay the fine and carry on, sad but true mate, best regards Marco ? here's a snippet from what it really is, take care dude and keep doing what you're doing ??
    "Nolotil, brand name Metamizole, is a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, and anti-fever medication commonly used around the world particularly in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America".

  6. @Melloyello56 says:

    One of the regular English printed papers, The Olive Press , i think have campaignrd againist this medication Noritol, for years. It somehow affects those of us of Celtic heritage adversely. the danger was widely highlighted here in Costa del Sol for some years.

  7. @user-kp2io8ki6w says:

    hey guys hope all is well, youve probably never herd of this place before but the host would. i was in manly a beach on the northern beaches in sydney australia. just parked my car and herd people speaking spanish. as i do i always say hello to people speaking my language and this guy and his friend where in shock. he asked me where i was from explained my family story ending up in spain. he asked me for my spanish names, did a search on his phone. after about 2 minutes he looked up and stared at me and said your a blue blood to spain. nothing further was said he shook my hand and left. can some one help me learn??? i can speak spanish just writing takes a long time. i want to learn about the indiginous people to spain and who and what are the blue bloods???

  8. @janebaker966 says:

    Hi Stu + other readers. I haven't tuned in for a while but once again,more informative news than on legacy media. Regarding olive oil scams,this must be as old as the hills, probably going on since the dawn of time. I can recall stories like this in the 1970s and in subsequent decades. It seems like it's dealt with,goes quiet then when all is clear,another lot tries it until they get busted.
    Regarding other cooking oils. Rapeseed oil is nutritious and good,so is Sunflower oil. Those are the two usual and cheaper alternatives. What I learned a few years ago is that different oils are better for different cooking purposes. I'm not lecturing you Stu but it might be handy to know for anyone. Sunflower or Rapeseed (Canola in USA) is BETTER for deep fat frying. Different oils have higher or lower smoke temperatures. You know id you've ever forgot and ran back in the kitchen to see smoke coming from the frypan and maybe a flame erupting. Save the olive oil for nice salads + other more high end uses. Lard is a very safe frying medium and makes the crispest fried potatoes. But of course no good if you're vegan. I'm not.

  9. @digger360 says:

    Thanks Stu it was really good to see the full photo of a very impressive building …my late Father was told to use only Rapeseed oil by his doctor as he considered it to be the healthiest oil to cook with ?

  10. @pistonwristpin1 says:

    Greetings from the very wet Pacific NW. Can you ship me some Spanish sun?? Anyway, about that oil crisis – avocado oil works very well, but I haven’t seen or heard about avocados or avocado oil, in Spain, or Europe.

    How would you feel if your excavator mechanic refers to your excavator’s hydraulic oil as “Food Grade?”
    Did the thought make you queasy, like it does me?

    I can’t wait to visit Spain!!

  11. @idab8378 says:

    In the States, the Miami Herald news' headline read, "68,000 gallons (257,408 liters) of fake olive oil seized in Spain, cops say." I wonder about the accuracy of the of the article.

  12. @Angela-zc9xv says:

    Treat yourself to an Air Fryer ,hubby loves spuds chunky chips and roasted all fresh nothing frozen delicious only use 1 tablespoon of olive oil , got rid of deep fat fryer ,hardly use the oven ,cheaper easy clean ,less smell . good video Stuart have a good day

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