Spain update live – Bad for your heath and wallet

A have a look at one of the crucial primary information tales in Spain and I will be able to resolution a few of your feedback.

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20 thoughts on “Spain update live – Bad for your heath and wallet”

  1. Ties are a modern ancestor of a cravat worn by military officers. The original reason for wearing them was their use as a bandage to cover up cuts from sword fights in battles or duels.

  2. Hi Stuart,
    Noticed on your live streams from your apartment in Portugal, that there appears to be what looks like a gold disk on the wall behind you, I don't suppose you tube give these out, but you certainly deserve one with your hard work and excellent videos and information that you tell us about everyday,
    always very helpful to all of us,
    Brian, La Marina, Alicante.

  3. I've adjusted to the longer Live Chat's, but no longer watch live as I usually go for a 2 hour walk at about 9:00 am here in California, 6:00 pm Spain. Also, I change audio to 1.5 speed. Did hear today of water shortage in Spain that's expected to cause further cost for olive oil.

  4. @spainspeaks I recommend a portable AC unit. They use less electricity, about 1kw, cost about 200 euro and you can extract the air via a window or air brick/hole with ducting. Work well for a single room. I used one in Alicante and was powered by solar on the roof.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I do enjoy your channel but sadly the number of ads has increased intolerably so I wish you good luck with it but I won’t be watching anymore because the ads are always irritatingly loud. Best of luck.

  6. When the Government starts paying my bills and mortgage they can start telling me what temperature I can set on my own air con that I paid taxes on when I purchased.

  7. I used to dislike Olives, but after going to Spain , I became an Olive addict! Now I am on the hunt for similar olives found in Spain. It's been a challenging journey but I have found something similar at specialty grocery stores. Now I just wished I had that "Damm Lemon" beer here in the States 😀

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