Spain Update Live – Strike cancelled

Spain replace and delivery employees have referred to as off the strike an afternoon after it all started.

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12 thoughts on “Spain Update Live – Strike cancelled

  1. Patricia Duncan says:

    Only if you live at the coast in the Canaries do you need no heat! Even then sometimes in the winter. My friends who live on the mountain all have heating, fires mostly. The mountain is over 12,000 feet! We have all weathers as you go up. My energy bill has gone up by 50% even with the VAT cut by the Government.

  2. Patricia Duncan says:

    Oh, by the way here in the Canaries all transport will be free from January following the 50% cut which we have had since September. Only for Residents though. Good move because people moving about always enlivens the economy.

  3. Sarah Lang says:

    The US economy grew by 2.9% not a large number but it DID grow, this is for those of you who aren't being totally honest about the US economy, I usually don't respond I just listen but this was important to put out there.

  4. City Fan says:

    sometimes, there is not enough space in the chat to make a comment.

    As for these green spaces, the EU is finding cities to do that is an insult to many people.

    I am sure comments from locals in my local panadería reflect the feelings across many EU cities.

    here in Exiample ( Barcelona) its a total waste of money, our streets are already green, many of thrm are beautiful in their own unique way, meanwhile we have many homeless people on the streets, they sleep in all weathers and thousands of euros is being spent in front of them. "que asco, la vergüenza "

    The EU are out off touch on this one, and if they are not careful, they will hear more of the voices of discontent, calling for a break away from the EU and radical politclal movements, political movements fueling the storm.


  5. Kev The Argonut says:

    Interesting in certain parts of tourist Spain and the islands to see a repeated sight when out to dinner and people watching in the evening. That is, women, dressed up nicely, make up and hair perfect walking along with a bloke in his football shirt, Union Jack shorts and flip-flops. Make an effort guys!

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