Spain update Live – Why so expensive?

Spain’s central govt joins different portions of Spain and broadcasts tax cuts; olive oil costs are sky prime lately, however why? And Spain’s prime inflation seems to be shedding momentum.

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13 thoughts on “Spain update Live – Why so expensive?”

  1. The home internet here in Madrid is way better than Sydney. I am paying half the price (29 eur) for 10x the speed I was getting in Sydney. Plus I am getting fast upload speeds which you don't get in Oz. Plus the mobile plans are way more competitive here. I am paying less than half again (10 eur) for 3 times the download I was getting in Sydney.

  2. Roberto is spot on, taxing the Sun is fine, it you deliver the demand in person, in writing to the Sun itself. So-called 'solidarity' means 'the right to rob you if you look after yourself'.

  3. No bank can sort its countries financial problems out just look around the world… .. Endof..Also Quantitative Easing won't work if you have high inflation… Look it up…. Tony cuenca

  4. Why on earth traditions from a country which culture is like 200 years old are now being transferred to countries with cultures and history that is worth thousands of years…I just can't get it.

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