Spain update – That’s the end of that – for now

Spain update the plan to put tolls on roads in Spain has been scrapped.

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22 thoughts on “Spain update – That’s the end of that – for now

  1. Michael Thatcher says:

    Stu, as you are a regular visitor and second home owner in Portugal, I am sure you are a keen observer of the not-so-subtle differences between the two Iberian Countries. Apart from cuisine, language, culture etc., you may have noticed say, in Peniche that there are next-to-no iron bars installed on domestic-property windows. A very interesting divergence! Do the Portuguese feel safer or are the "iron bar salesmen" not so prevalent here?

  2. lynn hubbard says:

    Greetings from San Francisco, CA..not new to your channel, but am a new subscriber…would you consider giving an English speaking coverage on the Daniel Sancho case…I do watch Spanish coverage, but a fresh perspective from someone living in Spain would be appreciated

  3. Angela says:

    Hello Stuart, thanks for the news .
    I would have thought the government might step in to help with the cost of a healthy Olive oil it is a mainstay of Spanish cooking and all general food preparation, shame Oil is so difficult to afford for so many .

  4. Simon says:

    Interesting comments. My local town is half the size of that one. Siesta starts at 1430 until 1700, the Pharmacy and Coviran close during that time. At 1230 you are correct, it’s either retirees, or workmen popping in for a quick Levante Estrella. I thought it looked quite posh compared to up here in rural inland Almeria. At least you don’t get the pig wagon on Thursdays, it stinks, absolutely stinks .. imagine the worst septic tank mixed with … and goes down the high road.. and yes It goes to pick up the carcasses. And you are correct, no public transport at all. As an aside just looked out of my window this morning and saw a rather large fox go around the house. We get a family of mountain goats we see all the time and rabbits, but first time I have a seen a fox, and very large it was too

  5. Jo sherard says:

    When I was a child 70+ years ago Olive oil was in the bathroom cupboard in case you had earache. We didn't know we could eat it! We only had lard and margarine due to rationing!

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