Spain update – The rich have a ‘plan B’

Spain update and Yolanda Diaz is making headlines saying that the rich have a ‘plan B’ if things start to go bad

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33 thoughts on “Spain update – The rich have a ‘plan B’

  1. Eurostar 07 says:

    7:30 Im 37 and its been so hard to find a job here for me, i spent 5 years here applying at over 4000 job openings and nobody calls me for an interview. I have a bachelor's degree, i have owned my own restaurant, i have certification in IT too. I have family in the US with whom i have worked with in the past, they know im great at anything i put my focus on so they are setting up their own office in their field of work, they offered me 6 figure salary to join them build their company up. So im leaving in November. Its a shame because i really like Spain, i have my parents and my relatives living here, but everyone else here made me feel marginalized. Smart young people with talent in Spain will seek education and employment in other countries, they wont want to stay here.

  2. Mallorca Under the Sun says:

    Continuing the air fryer debate – as a late adopter I love my new air fryer! The best 60€ spent on a kitchen appliance (from Carrefour). Less time in the kitchen, less electricity, and everything is cooked to perfection. You should spray food with some spray oil before cooking but amazing results achieved on many foods you would normally oven cook, grill or fry! 😋

  3. Jose Antonio Davila says:

    There are two millionaires' refuges in the Chilean Patagonia. Both are adjacent although have nothing to do with each other. One is Parque Pumalín, owned by Douglas Tompkins, who died not long ago and was the owner of The North Face too. That Park is open to everyone who wants to go and knows how to get there. There are no roads in that end of the world. The other shelter belongs to an international electrical company.
    There are unlimited food and electricity there and I recommend it as another kind of tourism or in case of nuclear war or zombie pandemic.

  4. rodallopperman says:

    Would definitely recommend an air fryer. U get the same kind of crunch as chips, chicken wings etc. I use it so much that having "normal" fries etc. now is way too oily for me and I just don't like the taste or texture. Air fryer all the way! Woop woop!!🎉🎉

  5. Elizabeth Bidinger says:

    In the U.S. one of our most prominent dairy sells soft (spreadable) butter with a touch of olive oil. The oil the other commenter mentioned is to prevent the butter from burning; nothing new there.

    I just received a comprehensive analysis of oils from an improvement Medical Director here. It’s too long to post Stu, but you can peruse it and see if there’s anything you’d like to discuss if not read for your edification.

  6. Debbie Garza says:

    I think you hit the solution on the head! The dead zone time is when folks are between 16 & 18 in required education & work force. Make the obligatory age for compulsory education up to 18. Will improve the educated masses & hopefully more wanted & needed in a work force. But, time would tell.

  7. yanassi says:

    Dog insurance law is a mean well but thoughtless law. If someone can’t afford it, they could ignore or take the dog for a drive and “release” them to roam the streets.

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