Spanish Style Cucumber Salad – Ensalada de Pepino (5-min recipe, vegan, no cooking required)

Spanish-style cucumber salad (Ensalada de Pepino) is a refreshing, flavorful, and colorful vegan salad perfect as a side dish or a light meal, especially in warm weather. The use of Jerez sherry vinegar and a splash of extra virgin olive oil creates a subtle yet flavorsome dressing that compliments the crisp cucumber and ripe tomatoes. With just 5 minutes of prep and no cooking required, this is our new go-to summer salad recipe!

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🔸 Prep time: 5 minutes
🔸 Cook time: NIL
🔸 Ready in: 5 Minutes

Here’s what you’ll need to make Spanish-style cucumber salad

🍅 ___Ingredients
🔸2 English cucumbers, cut into thin rounds or half rounds
🔸2 ripe tomatoes, cut into wedges
🔸½ red onion
🔸2 tablespoons Jerez Sherry vinegar (we used Sanchez Romate Reserva Sherry vinegar)
🔸¼ cup Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil
🔸Salt and black pepper (to taste)

🍴 ___Equipment
Large Glass bowl or salad bowl –
Salad serving spoons –
Small bowl and Whisk –
Sharp kitchen knife and Cutting board –

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