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Marfoogle News Show Notes: Learn more about these life-saving prep products on our website: EMP Shield – EMP, CME & Lighting Protection: (use code “MARF’ to save $50 on each) Jase Case – Emergency Medical Supplies: (use code ‘MARF’ to save) Inergy Solar Generator: (use code ‘MARFOOGLE’ to save) Long-term Food and Preps: (no code […]

US-Saudi Arabia Defense Pact Could Reshape Middle East

The US and Saudi Arabia are nearing a pact that would offer the kingdom security guarantees and lay out a possible pathway to diplomatic ties with Israel if its government brings the war in the Gaza Strip to an end, people familiar with the matter said. The agreement may offer the world’s biggest oil exporter […]

LIVE From Gaza Student Protesters PRESS CONFERENCE Reacting to NYPD Assault on Student Encampments

Jon Farina is Live again in New York as CUNY/Columbia students and community members gather to hold a press conference, laying out the assaults and arrests the NYPD have been subjecting them to in their encampments amidst their calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and Free Palestine. SUPPORT Status Coup’s ON-THE-GROUND and investigative reporting on […]

Sidewinder X2 Mega Mod Project Part 2, Lets Start Machining the Frame.

Today we continue the mega mod to my SWX2. This week I will be machining the frame base to accept the 4040 extrusions for the vertical legs of the frame. This is going to be a multi part series and is sure to have some good times along the way, Come on in and have […]

I Was Wrong! But, What is dCrops?

Welcome back Splinterheads! Thanks for dropping by. In this episode I did some home work and learned some basics about dCrops to pass along to those Splinterlands players or other new players that are thinking about playing the Web3 game on the Hive blockchain. PeakD Article on the topic dCrops main site dCrops Wiki If […]

Let’s Talk Business and Catch up With Allan Wade | LIVE Q&A

Tonight I’m going live and having some fun with my good friend Allan Wade from Adubb Productions. We’re catching up we’re talking business and we’re answering questions and having fun. Get 10% your first order with TKO SALES when you use code GRACEFUL10 at checkout: Transpro Plus Heat Press Unboxig: Pro World: My 16×20 Trans […]

French Revolution: Unusual Renault 5 Gordini Turbo Roars into Life! | Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop

Get ready for a rendezvous with an automotive oddity like no other – the Renault 5 Gordini Turbo, also marketed as the Renault 5 Alpine Turbo in some corners of the world. Iain’s enthusiasm knows no bounds as he welcomes this charmingly peculiar French classic into the workshop. It’s here for a touch of TLC, […]

$4000 Chinese Carbon Superbike Build… With Electric gears!!

Bicycle Lane Website – Bicycle Lane Instagram – Other Videos you may like ○ $2000 AliExpress Carbon Superbike Build – ○ Full Gravel Bike Build – Join us on our journey as we build this Chinese carbon road bike, valued at $4000. This detailed 27-minute guide covers every step of assembling a Road bike with […]

Affordable Tech CITIZEN Tsuki-yomi A T Super Accurate Atomic Moonphase in Titanium Hands on Review

Affordable Tech CITIZEN Tsuki-yomi A T Super Accurate Atomic Moonphase in Titanium Hands on Review Link to this watch on the Citizen website – Please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you liked this video its much appreciated and very helpful for the channel!!! If you would like to lend me your watch for […]

40 Coolest Car Gadgets Still Available on Amazon 2023 ▶▶

Embark on a journey through the coolest car gadgets still available on Amazon in 2023! We’ve curated a collection of 40 must-have accessories from Car Gadgets Amazon that will redefine your driving experience. From high-tech marvels to practical innovations, Car Gadgets Amazon has it all. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply want to elevate […]