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The Dirty Secrets of the Olive Oil Industry Revealed

The Dirty Secrets of the olive oil Industry Revealed Do you know the dirty secrets of the olive oil industry? In this video, we’ll share with you the truth about the olive oil industry, from farming to manufacturing to marketing. olive oil is one of the most commonly used cooking oils in the world, but […]

Why Olive Oil Doesn’t Come In A Clear Bottle 🤔

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10 Notorious Death Row Inmates and Their Craziest and Most Bizarre Last Meal Requests!

10 Notorious Death Row Inmates and Their Craziest and Most Bizarre Last Meal Requests! The last meal of a death row inmate has always been a topic of intrigue. It is a symbolic ritual that grants the condemned a final request, a last chance to indulge in a meal of their choosing before they are […]

Olive oil jar — dating back 1,800 years — hid quote from ‘extremely popular’ Roman

Archaeologists discovered a part of an historical clay jar containing a cryptic, first-of-its-kind inscription: a quote from one in every of Rome’s biggest poets. The 3-inch piece of pottery used to be found out alongside the banks of a flow in southern Spain, in keeping with a learn about printed on June 5 within the […]

You’ll Never Eat This Again Knowing How Its Made

Nowadays we tend to have no idea what really is in the food we eat. There are so many scandals in the food industry all over the world that is difficult to keep up! Companies will do anything to sell their products, even putting our health at risk. From a product popularized during the Second […]

I tried Kids School Lunches around the World ?

The lunch girl is right here lately and she or he’s serving meals from USA, Korea, Italy, Brazil, France, Spain, Ukraine, Finland, Greece and UK. I’m ranking the lunches from those puts, the reference subject material used to be a random website when I Googled “lunches around the world”, so do not fret, I do […]