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Attempting to Re-Create our Italian Family’s Recipe we call “Birds”

Luke and Sarah meet up at their parent’s house in Tucson, AZ to recreate a beloved Italian family dish. “Birds” were a family favorite – usually reserved for a holiday gathering. In looking up the origins of this dish, we found something similar called- Involtini di Manzo (little rolls of beef). Mom always told us […]


#truecrime #gangster #mafia #mobsters #cosanostra #organizedcrime #nyc #crime #trending #podcasting #gangster #goodfellas #colombo #trending #crime #crimestory #true #truestory #facts #mobboss Mob Talk Radio, is a historical organized crime channel based on the historical, cultural impliciations, deep dives into the political realm of the streets, and the truth. In this series we catalog the history of […]

The Dirty Secrets of the Olive Oil Industry Revealed

The Dirty Secrets of the olive oil Industry Revealed Do you know the dirty secrets of the olive oil industry? In this video, we’ll share with you the truth about the olive oil industry, from farming to manufacturing to marketing. olive oil is one of the most commonly used cooking oils in the world, but […]

Italy’s olive oil industry in crisis

(9 Nov 2023) ITALY olive oil SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS RESTRICTION SUMMARY: LENGTH: 6.39 ASSOCIATED PRESS Fara Sabina, Lazio, Italy – 7 October 2023 1. Drone shot of Petrucci olive groves ++MUTE++ 2. Olive groves near Fara Sabina 3. Workers on Petrucci farm collect olives with the use of mechanical “combs” 4. Close of olives at […]

シチリア 搾りたてオリーブオイル | 農家のピクニックごはん | オリーブ収穫 | 地元の老舗レストラン「マイヨール」 | バロックの街キャラモンテグルフィ【イタリア Vlog #93】

0:00 Opening 1:42 Chiaramonte Gulfi 2:39 Olive Harvest 4:37 Oleificio 5:56 Picnic Lunch 7:41 After Lunch 9:37 Major Restaurant 14:27 Departure イタリアより、こんにちは! ラ・クチネッタのMorimiです。 ミラノに暮らし、手間と愛情をたっぷりかけた イタリア食材を日本に輸入・ご紹介しています。 今回はシチリアの東、歴史あるバロックの街・キャラモンテグルフィのオリーブ畑、グッチョーネ搾油所より搾りたてオリーブオイルについてお届けいたします! ???Oleifcio Guccione グッチョーネ搾油所 ザハラ エキストラヴァージンオリーブオイル 搾油所でオリーブオイルを搾る様子、 オリーブ収穫、 農家の方に招いていただきピクニックランチ。 若い二人の兄弟が、素晴らしいオリーブオイルづくりに励む様子をご紹介しています。 老舗レストラン「マイヨール」にて、 ザハラの秀逸な搾りたてオリーブオイルを満喫する様子もぜひご覧ください! 動画でご紹介しています、2023年ザハラ搾りたてオリーブオイルは11月下旬から12月に入荷予定です。 ??? 搾りたてのオリーブオイルのご予約は毎年、10月ぐらいから承っています。 ???NOVELLO 搾りたてノヴェッロオリーブオイル ??? ザハラ X LACUCINETTA YouTube 2022年の収穫の様子はこちらからご覧いただけます! ?シチリアのオリーブ畑でピクニックランチ | 地元で愛される老舗レストランの夕食| 搾りたてオリーブオイルのテイスティング|オリーブ収穫|搾油所での週末| 【Italy Vlog #51】 […]

Why are olive oil prices spiking? | Morning in America

Lydia Moynihan says a dramatic drought in Spain and bad weather in Italy led to reduced production. She discusses how these factors will change the olive oil industry. #oliveoil #Italy #cooking Start your day with “Morning in America,” NewsNation’s live three-hour national morning newscast hosted by Adrienne Bankert and Markie Martin. Weekdays starting at 7a/6C. […]

Charming Italian Time Capsule Home Tour in Loreto Aprutino, Pescara Province

Audio from the vinyl I found… 🙂 ?Download the ebook about the 5 Best towns in Abruzzo here! 5 Best towns to move in Abruzzo – ??SUBSCRIBE HERE ???? ?? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ????…? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ? Like the video (it helps a ton!) ? Comment below to share your opinion! ? Share the video […]

Huge hail in Italy. The harvest in Puglia is spoiled

Italy is divided by weather. During the first weekend of autumn, the regions of Southern Italy faced opposite problems: on the one hand, bad weather with strong storms and floods – as in Campania, Puglia, Molise, but also in Tuscany and the Milan area – and on the other, fires ravaging Sicily. Hailstones the size […]

How the Italian mafia makes millions from tinned tomatoes | It’s Complicated

If your tinned tomatoes come from southern Italy, it’s likely that organised crime had a hand in getting them from the farm to the supermarket shelf. Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ► The mafia controls much of the region’s agribusiness, and it’s big business, adding billions of euros to its yearly turnover. So how […]

Pizza Quattro Formaggi – 4 Cheeses

Link for the Tomato Sauce: Link for Stretching: Link for Backing in a normal kitchen Oven: Toppings for 1 Pizza: 50g fresh grated Pecorino 80-100g Fior di Latte 30g Gorgonzola dolce 50g Goat Cheese Some brown Sugar Black Pepper Process: As first mix the Pecorino with hot, but not boiling water. You have to use […]