the best olive oil, italy or spain? – mediterranean diet – olives

the best olive oil, mediterranean diet, italy, italian food, spanish food, olives of spain

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13 thoughts on “the best olive oil, italy or spain? – mediterranean diet – olives

  1. @shock_and_awe774 says:

    the best olive oil,italy or spain? answer: Greece
    in fact they use greek olive oil to mix it with italian or spanish oil to upgrade the quality of the olive oil in big european olive oil companies ,like its a medicine or something

  2. @curcumt7309 says:

    The best olive oils are usually the Spaniards, Italians often mix oils of several different origins for example, and the flavor does not depend on its quality but on the type of olive used.

  3. @enzinobombolini5369 says:

    of course we buy half of our olive oil from Spain, but is this an argument? The olive oil that is made with Spanish or Greek olives here in Italy is marketed as cheap oil, costing up to 6 euros x lt., the one made with Italian olives, is up to 10 to 20 euros, normally. And it simply taste better. Now, I don't know Spanish or Greek olive oils, or Turkish for what it matters, that well because I stick to my Tuscan olive oil, but the Spanish an greek olive oils they sell in Italy it is an olive oil which is good for cooking, not for tasting. They pale in comparison with a good Tuscan, Pugliese or Ligure oil. And yes, greek invented olive oil blablabla. Fair enough. But a) half of Italy was greek too and b) we improved vastly on the techniques since the Etruscans.

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