The Carcinogen Glycidol in Cooking Oils

Carcinogens in Food. Glycidol might assist give an explanation for why individuals who consume fried meals get extra most cancers.

I in the past mentioned 3-MCPD in The Side Effects of 3-MCPD in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos ( and 3-MCPD in Refined Cooking Oils (

There isn’t any exchange for human breast milk. Adoptive households or those that use surrogates might need to search for a close-by milk financial institution (

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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20 thoughts on “The Carcinogen Glycidol in Cooking Oils”

  1. loved the video, but lacking in randomized controlled studies. Probably none to be had… but I don't think I can hang my hat on the meta-analysis of case control studies. I would tend to believe the prospective study over the case control meta-analysis–less likelihood of recall & selection bias. If I had to say "what's the best available balance of evidence" right now, I'd say: fried foods don't cause cancer. Is there a chance? yes, are there other good reasons to avoid fried foods? moooost definitely (cardiovascular death, and dead is dead, what killed you is less important than that you're not breathing). So overall, enlightening video; yes avoid the oils/fried foods, but not for cancer.

  2. ⚠️ Why sweat the small things? It’s 2022. If you’re younger than 40, just enjoy life. At this rate, your government officials will kill your faster than any oil you eat.

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