The Dish: Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier and a taste of the Caribbean

After coaching and cooking throughout the international, Caribbean island local Debra Sardinha-Metivier has returned house and added her personal affect to her Food whilst sporting on a three-generation circle of relatives custom as a chef and restaurateur. Michelle Miller studies this week for “The Dish.”

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12 thoughts on “The Dish: Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier and a taste of the Caribbean”

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  3. Cream always rises to the top! Chef Sardinha-Metivier is a superb culinary professional. She is knowledgeable of her craft and she also possesses the qualities of grace, humility, diligence and charity. Her quiet strength is a rare find since in the culinary world big egos along with arrogance can be the norm. Congratulations to You! Don't ever compromise your integrity! May God bless your, your family and your business endeavours.🎉💯

  4. Well I guess it's an acquired taste I will never require this taste from what I have seen but I'm sure it's in the eye of the beholder and the taste buds of others I found it a little bit on the raw side not looking too good and not sounding that interesting or good either but again maybe it was the photography the production or something that made this very dish not palatable

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