The Effects of Avocados on Inflammation

The affect of top fats plant meals—avocados, peanuts, walnuts—and olive oil put to the take a look at.

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Recent videos on apples, autism, and now avocados? You can inform I’m again to the start of the alphabet. That’s how I cycle via my analysis to make sure huge protection. So for the ones taken with berry analysis you desires will quickly come true. Those for whom zucchini is their favourite veggie, although, are in for a protracted wait. If there’s ever any subject that you simply’d like me to hide, simply depart a remark under.

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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39 thoughts on “The Effects of Avocados on Inflammation”

  1. But why compare ice cream which is high in fat but also in sugar with avocado which is high in fat but low in sugar? Is that a fair comparison? In my book nature knows best so of course avocadoes are gonna be better than ice cream but the comparisons are a bit fishy.

  2. I have tried and tried but I cannot stand avocados , papaya and cilantro. These three make me gag. Even if I allow someone else to sneak a little in a one dish meal, I can taste it and will not eat it. I have given up. I do not like avocados period.

  3. I have felt depressed and horrible! I was on a plant diet when 35yrs old and change my life-SAVED my life from Lupus and Raynauds! Moved back to the city and the whole cycle of being unhealthy started all over again.. Your videos are helping my mental attitude. gracias

  4. Ok Dr. Gregor, I love your vids, but don't you normally criticize studies paid for and published by the industries that market the product being studied such the Egg Board or Big Dairy? No mention of possible bias noted in this video. Just saying…

  5. Actually you can trademark a fruit, Pink Lady is a trademark for several different verieties of apple that meet certain quality standards most notably Cripps Pink.

  6. Beside the fact that a very large percentage of avocados eaten each year in the United States are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday (guacamole, remember?) there is such a thing as big avocado and it’s no joke. There’s a huge amount of money made by the industry in mostly Mexico and parts of South America (particularly Chile). Organized crime has moved in to major growing areas of Mexico and the people are suffering terribly. In Chile smaller farmers and others without adequate resources are losing the water that they need to live because water rights are sold by the government to the largest bidders leaving the rest high and literally dry. Rivers that only a few years ago provided water to people are now entirely dry and unrecognizable. Each avocado eaten uses about 18 gallons of water to grow. All this suffering is caused by wealthy Americans and Europeans who want avocados year round. In the US avocados are only grown seasonally, predominantly in California. These growers have had to take drastic steps just to survive. There are answers to this problem but until steps are taken I would no more eat an avocado than I would participate knowingly in any food production that causes such an enormous toll in human suffering. We need to understand where our food comes from, and at what price.

  7. Doesn’t this contradict another video by Dr Greger saying that you can’t cancel out the pro-inflammatory effect of meat/dairy/junk food with the anti-inflammatory effect of PBWF? ie saying you have to eliminate the pro-inflammatory foods?

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