'The Fat You Eat Is The Fat You Wear' CRITIQUED By Dr. Campbell

The fats you devour is the fats you put on is a commonplace word spoken about by way of Dr. John McDougall. This video explores Dr. Colin Campbell’s critique of this messaging.

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37 thoughts on “'The Fat You Eat Is The Fat You Wear' CRITIQUED By Dr. Campbell”

  1. So basically he is saying iceberg lettuce is as nutrient dense as Romain? No, I think Kale is more nutrient dense than a potato. Some foods are definitely healthier than others. And don’t leave out the antioxidants.

  2. Theres an elephant in the room when both dr Campbell and dr mcdougal compare china to the west ,if you look at any old photos from the 50s 60s and early 70s of the uk and most of Europe and the usa you dont see fat people either , yet the ate meat with most meals??? What as changed which no one will address around that time food wasn’t processed pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides were no way as toxic as what we are using today , just by natural fact vegans are exposed to more toxic chemicals through farming , i try to keep buying organic but even organic are now allowed to use 15 approved pesticides

  3. If the fat you eat is the fat you wear, there would be no non-vegan thin people, and we know that's not true, just by using our eyes. Observation is the first step in science.

  4. My friend is obese and is now trying to lose weight, heal his diabetes, and reclaim his life. He told me that for lunch he ate refried beans (fatty), on a corn tortilla, with smashed avocado, poured creama and olive oil on it thinking this is going to help him lose weight because there is no animal products in it. There is so much fat in this meal he is never going to lose weight. If you are obese, do not eat fatty foods – you already have plenty of fat on your body and you don't need any more right now. When you are of normal weight, then one can tolerate higher calorie foods.

  5. This is 100% truth. I struggled with getting below 15% body fat for years(have been vegan for 8 years) and as soon as I cut out oils and reduced my fat intake to no more than 30grams a day on average, the fat melted away. In 3 months I dropped down below 10% body fat and for the first time in my life have 6 pack abs and feel the best I ever have. I eat unlimited carbohydrates.

  6. mcdougall doesn't say don't eat nuts, seeds, or avocados … he says limit intake … they've listened to nothing mcdougall has said. MILK HAS PROTEIN that's what weaken bones …A high protein diet is what weakens bones over time. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Keep eating meat, dairy, and added oil and see where it gets you. An entire generation / population or asians isn't wrong.

  7. Plant Based News — aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for stooping so low?

    Don’t you feel that you are better than that?

    Stirring unfounded, unnecessary, and dishonest controversy?


  8. Dr Campbell…going after Dr. McDougall? Why? Dr McDougall is referring to adding extra oils/fats to your diet. I know you know this. So clearly, you have a “beef” with Dr. McDougall. Drop the “beef” ! A healthy step to take.

  9. I agree! We need good fats in whole living foods. It’s the saturated fats in excessive animal intake and the isolated oils. Cooking oil is devastating to the small intestinal lining creating leaky gut. Obesity is coming from processed foods loaded with fat.

  10. Has anybody else noticed that not very often do people challenge John McDougall. Anybody who follows Dr. McDougall closely knows that he reads multiple hours of medical and nutritional studies DAILY. He is the preeminent Authority on the starch diet and nutrition in general. And his feisty Irish nature (I am Irish too) means he doesn't shy away from a fight. And he is not above humiliating his opponent. I think we all love T.Colin Campbell and Tom. After watching their documentary Plant pure Nation they feel like family. What wonderful people.

  11. Well it’s true that the fat you’re wearing is fat you have eaten. It is the consumption of fat that pushes your caloric intake over the top so yes I do actually tend to believe in McDougall on that subject.

  12. McDougall knows better because he works with the thousands of patients. McDougall is also a critical thinker and you can read between the lines to get a mechanism of action. If you have heart disease, stay away from the nuts like the plague. A little flax or chia only for heart disease.

  13. I feel happy that most of the comments under this video can really see that there is no discrepancies between Dr. Campbell and Dr. McDougal. Taking two different discussions out of context and clashing them against each other is merely done to raise debates and views Not as a foundation of healthy conversation

  14. I greatly respect and admire Dr. Cambell and I agree with much of what he said in this video. That said, I think the premise of the conversation is nit-picky and to a degree "throws the baby out with the bathwater." IMO Dr. McDougall's slogan is his attempt to create a catchy saying to counter the overwhelming amount of misinformation around the "carbs are bad" movement. Of course there are nuances in nutrition theory but in terms of media saturation Dr. McDougall's slogan is still like sending a 6-foot dinghy against a 100-foot wave (of misinformation about diet and nutrition). So I'd rather see the participants of this video discussing of ways to help Dr. McDougall counter that giant wave. BTW, if I were inventing the slogan, I would state the corollary: "the fat you're wearing is the fat you've eaten."

  15. Although I have no immediate plans of trying this, I would imagine that if I decided to eat one meal a day of 2000 calories worth of exclusively nuts and seeds it would be amazingly nutritious:
    Plenty of protein, fat, carbs, and fiber not to mention a strong dose of vitamins.

  16. This presentation of "critique" is total BS. You only show Dr. McDougall saying, "The fat you eat is the fat you wear." You don't have him explaining in detail, though you present much detail of Dr. Campell's point of view. Totally biased and unfair. Dig thy self…

  17. Four minutes in. Nuts did not exist in the earlier formation of mankind. Halfway in, no mention of eating meat, poultry and fish. Mr. Campbell was recommending Salmon at Hallelujah Acres in 2001.

  18. This is disappointing.. I can't believe these 2 gentlemen took Dr. John so far out of context to make this argument . Sad .. very very sad . Why would they do this ? I don't understand . This makes then sound extremely stupid and quit honestly.. dishonest . So .. very disappointing.

  19. 'The fat you eat is the fat you wear' is a response to people who think that carbs make you fat and who don't seem to be concerned at all about dietary fat. It's an oversimplification, but a useful one for everyday conversations.

  20. I agree with the other commenters that while Dr McDougall did say that, he was in no way saying that Whole Foods containing fat such as nuts, seeds, and avocado were bad for you. He was referring to added fats in animal products, junk food, and cooking oils. He is a champion of the potato and definitely encourages a little salt and sugar if that is the only way you will consume while plant foods. Dr Campbell is criticizing “Reductionist” theories and yet he is definitely taking the work of people like Drs McDougall and Fuhrman and reducing their entire philosophies to a few catchphrases taken out of context. I have always had immense respect for Dr Campbell and have read his work extensively but am surprised and disappointed at this interview.

  21. Dr Campbell just knocking some of Dr McDougall and Dr Esselstein's concepts for weight loss and reversing heart disease out of context 🙄

  22. Very big breakthrough happened for me weight loss wise when I eliminated hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and almonds from my morning oats. I’m now doing the Rip Esselstyn way eating raw oats with a healthy tablespoon of flaxmeal, Ezekiel cereal and lots of fruit. The pounds came flying off. McDougall is right. Fat is fat.

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