The Health Benefits of a Cucumber

Check out the superb well being advantages of cucumbers!

0:00 Cucumber well being advantages 
0:12 A couple of distinctive issues about cucumbers 
0:30 Health advantages of cucumbers 
1:15 three ways to extract the phytonutrients from cucumbers 

Let’s communicate concerning the fantastic well being advantages of cucumbers. Cucumbers have 73 other phenolic compounds. Cucumbers even have sure phytonutrients which are in cruciferous greens. 

5 fundamental advantages of cucumbers:
1. Cucumbers would possibly assist stabilize blood sugars
2. Cucumbers would possibly assist stabilize ldl cholesterol 
3. Cucumbers have anti inflammatory houses 
4. Cucumbers are loaded with tough antioxidants 
5. Cucumbers supply fiber to make butyrate (butyrate can assist with insulin resistance) 

three ways to extract phytonutrients:
1. Ferment them (that is other than pickling) 
2. Steam them 
3. Eat them with fats (like hummus made with olive oil



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Thanks for observing! I’m hoping this is helping you higher perceive the superb well being advantages of cucumbers.

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26 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of a Cucumber

  1. Larry Doc Holliday says:

    I soak mine in Organic Bragg's vinegar & water with Stevia to taste in a glass bowl. I use a potato peeler and slice them some thin and some thick maybe I should add some olive oil to the mix? I also use cut up onion in the mix. Mom use to make this when we had the farm of course back then she used sugar to sweeten it. Very yummy and tasty 😋

  2. Yusuf Hussein says:

    I never knew how much benefits cucumbers had. I don’t eat much cucumbers but when I do it’s very refreshing like watermelon but cucumbers also just make my body feel more revitalized.

  3. z2010able says:

    I love cucumbers. Was just on google and read this in a few places: "Excess intake of Vitamin C, present in cucumber, can reverse its actions and make it act like a pro-oxidant rather than an anti-oxidant." Any feedback?

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