The Olive Tree – Visiting Teaching (new version)

The Olive Tree song sung with new lyrics about LDS Visiting Teaching.

My hope in writing the lyrics and singing the song was to provide something for women to use to enhance their lessons on Visiting Teaching.

The music and accompaniment sound track can be found here:

Find the song, The Olive Tree in the list. Click on the download button next to it, then choose Music if you want just the accompaniment.

Here are the words:
There’s a call that comes to you and me.
Strong and clear, to share His truth and light.
It’s our time to serve with all our might
to each sister, each sister waiting in need.
Each new day we’ll seek for ways to serve
filled with purpose and guided from above.
With our hands we’ll share the Master’s touch.
With our hearts we’ll spread His endless love.
On bended knee and united as one,
We’ll serve and love and teach.
What joy we’ll find every time,
As our hearts serve willingly.
Heaven’s eyes smile down as we declare
a new friendship so precious and so rare.
As we serve with tenderness and care
Hope and love bless sisters everywhere.

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