The Power of Olive Leaf Extract

In this version of the Operation Freedom Healthcare Segment, Dr. Dave chats with Dr. Peter Glidden about the advantages of olive leaf extract.
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21 thoughts on “The Power of Olive Leaf Extract”

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  2. Dave and Pete what a great pair you make; very much alike! Dr. Glidden I startd my introduction to nutrition when my mother who worked at NIH in Bethesda,Md. would take me to her Lab when I was ten years old (1960); she studied under Dr. Wallech and she went on to due her master and Phd dissetration in nutrition at Cornell U. I am a patriot and I have been awake since 5years of age,
    all the monopolies, wars in the last 200 years are attributed to the zionist(Rothschild,Rockerfeller, Jesuit system) In all this corona
    virus bio terrorism; all but a few put the finger on the real culprits behind all this so called pandemic. I believe none of what I will say is news to either of you, but like Toto exposing the phony wizard of Oz behind the curtain (I cal it the Toto effect) American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben's AmericansforInovation have done a superb job of exposing Britain (Rothschild, Pirbright Institute, Privy Council and Pilgrim Society) to show who was truly the masterminds of this terrible evil of Corona virus and the Chinese the willing patsys! The Brit controled press (Empire Press) never mention Britain in all their reports! So let's get on with the Toto effect! God Bless you for what you do! Thank you

  3. My dog had persistent yeast infections in her ears. The Vet wanted to remove her left ear canal because the infection couldn't be cleared up with ointments. I said Oh hell no, and started using liquid olive leaf drops into her ears. Three days later the infection was gone, and I kept her infection free for the rest of her life.

  4. Spot On !!
    Petition Michigan's Dim Wit Out Now !! She's a Cabal Shill
    Spot On about Olive Leaf I took some today and everyday to keep my lungs free and clear Right On !!

  5. I have taken Olive leaf extract for 2 years. A friend from the Mediterranean suggested it. Found it did not treat what he states, but glad to see it has some positive benefits. What dosage do you recommend?

  6. Adding a link to monographs would be a nice touch. When I bought the Olive Leaf Extract, I noticed a warning not to take it if one has gall stones. Would be interesting to know why.

  7. Hey Dr. Dave!! Congratulations that you have been so heavily re-monetized!! It’s almost to the point of annoyance because they are the long ads that yapp on for many minutes, but I’m glad you and Dr Peter are on the Money Ground again!!

  8. VERY, VERY disappointed in your product & response, I called 2 of your numbers & could not get an answer, I bought a bottle of Super Olive Health had a question weather I can even take b/c of the warning lable, would be nice if you told people that can't take your product if they are on other meds. I also asked them for emails address and what they gave me bounced back. Please tell me who I can talk to with my question PLEASE

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