thee RIGHT WAY to Moisturize your Locs

This video covers 3 details: 1) The most effective method to in point of fact moisturize hair
2) The Herb & Lime Oil can be utilized as a hair deodorizer, pre-poo, oil rinse, scorching oil remedy, added to deep conditioner or added to hair mist for day-to-day moisture on your locs. Visit to see all the herbs and oils which are on this combine.
3) Here’s my advice for a scorching oil remedy…

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28 thoughts on “thee RIGHT WAY to Moisturize your Locs”

  1. Hi Keisha! Let me tell you, I'm 100% hetero… but I couldn't stop staring at your eyes! Lol. Your makeup is absolutely beautiful and compliments your complexion so wonderfully. Thank you for the moisturization tips. I currently mix my oil (olive) with water inside my spray bottle. Sometimes, however, I will still notice slight dryness. I may try a different oil. I'll definitely bookmark your page for when budget allows the luxury. Be safe and stay blessed!

  2. 🤔 So let's say you didn't add oils in the spray mix of your choice (I'm using distilled water, aloe vera juice, and rose water), if you wanted to spray your locs every day in the morning, you wouldn't need to use oil everyday would you? That's how the build up on the scalp happens correct?

  3. You’ve made this sooo easy to understand! Thank you so much for this information, I appreciate you.❤️I just started my locs, so I’m making sure I build as much knowledge as I possibly can. I’m so excited to nurture my hair and to watch it flourish. 🥰

  4. I’ve had locs for about 6 years now and the last 2-3 years has been a trial with dryness and products just not working for my hair. I have dry itchy scalp problems that are so bad that I have to use liquid hydrocortisone for relief. I’ve switched my shampoo products several times because it just drys my hair and scalp. Before locking, I had to used a lot of conditioner to keep my hair moisturized but with locs, white creamy products are horrible at getting out and I started getting bad build up in the last few years. I used oils as sealant but they tend to make my hair and scalp smell awful within a day or two. My hair is thick and high porosity so it loves water, but always having it wet can lead to mildew issues. This dilemma has me seriously considering chopping off my hair, which I really don’t want to do. So I’m thinking that the types of oil matters. Obviously it does, but I mean scent wise and those with anti microbial properties? I think that I will try the water method again and just make sure that I’m intentional about the types of oil blends that I used. I know Jamaican black castor oil is well vetted but I hate the smell.

  5. As soon as ii said, I mix the water and oil in the bottle and used that daily. Especially when im getting ready to go somewhere other than that it's in a bonnet most of the time.

    As a male, would you recommend retwists like once a month?

  6. Great video fam! Can you recommend the best way to moisturizer our scalps😁 I've been using the Nioxin treatment due to hair lose. But it's extremely drying and have had to stop the shampoo treatment because of how drying it is. I get lil dry scabby patches on my scalp😫 super frustrating 😒

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