This is why we've ALWAYS wanted to drive the BTCC legend Volvo 850 T-5R! |

This is why now we have ALWAYS wanted to drive the BTCC legend Volvo 850 T-5R!

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In this week’s episode – TheCarGuys drive considered one of the icons of the Nineties, the iconic Volvo 850 T-5R – the property automobile that rocked the BTCC and rewrote the regulations of racing!

This tremendous instance used to be discovered at Fast Classics and is a pristine unique paint, 1995 release yellow version, bought in the UK, however then shipped and cared-for in Japan ever since. Now it has simply 58k miles – the best possible instance of this automobile TheCarGuys have ever observed.

Can near-thirty-year-old property automobile can in reality be any a laugh? Exactly how briskly is it? How does it maintain the twisty bits? Will Damian’s cough smash this episode? Is this an rapid acquire? All those questions and extra can be replied on this episode.

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Regular episodes come with: Real World Tests, Car Buying Challenges, Meet Your Heroes, This Week’s Rant and Top 5s.

In this episode, Mr Taylor is dressed in a Tudor Black Bay ‘Harrods’. Mr Butt is dressed in a Doxa SUB 300T Divingstar ‘Poseidon’ particular version.

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36 thoughts on “This is why we've ALWAYS wanted to drive the BTCC legend Volvo 850 T-5R! |”

  1. I love the car but they didn't finish 3rd…. Their best result was 5th that year and Rydell finished 14th in the championship and Volvo 8th. IDK why people think this thing won, it surely was amazing but not the "great" thing everyone makes it out to be.

  2. In the 240 estate two people could sleep in the back really comfortable.
    In the 940 estate, the length of the rear bay was somewhat shorter, but much wider.
    The 850 and the V70II does not allow a good sleep in the bay, – it is too short.
    All of the above had close to perfect round vision due to the large windows, – something I have always appreciated.
    Since Ford and later, Greedy bought Volvo, styling has been more important than passive safety and usefulness.
    I have owned all the above versions of Volvo, but a V70II T2 and a S60I T2 will be my last Volvo cars.
    The brand has changed from something special with safety and usefulness as the most important to 'We do not want to be different' kind of design.

  3. "skinny tyre"? do you mean low profile? And it's got nothing to do with being a "posh car" having headlamp wipers. It's because it was a requirement in Sweden

  4. speak English, you British, it's not skinny tire!

    it's wide tire with low profile!!
    in a words of M.L.K: I have a dream, that one day, British learn how to speak proper ENGLISH!LOL

  5. I have a Stone Black 1998 V70 R (registered as a T5R in Denmark) auto . It has new coil overs, custom exhaust and big turbo I have also beefed up the bottom end and plan on reinforcing the block.. chip tune coming up.they will have to pry the steering wheel from my dead body. Got it cheap, not cheap to bring it back!! I have had two other 1998 V70s A diesel which ate tires and a T5. Both were manual shift.. The manual cars are faster at the start and you are much more involved… problem is tires…. Have tried some Audi and BMW wagons but they seem to lack the personality. Also not all that keen on the image they project.. If my tranny goes it will get a 6 speed manual. The sound is amazing,…

  6. Has come not so far away from my 1973 Volvo 145. Only 2 litre with a four speed box and twin Stromburgs . It would lift up its skirts and take off from 60 mph when it reached 4000 rpm. At the same time carrying 7 in seat belts. I had it for 14 years.. ideal family car.. 4 wheel disc brakes were superb for the time.

  7. I owned a saloon t5 in burgundy red. it was stupidly fast, lovely creature comforts inside and beautiful to drive, I loved it but couldn't afford to feed it. fuel economy wasn't great for commuting.

  8. I have an 850 t5r that I have owned for 15 years, it is a combi with full equipment and it is black, it has been in a garage for 8 years and started every month, everything works, everything is original.
    Thinking of selling it, at the right price 3 owners Nicklas in Sweden

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