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Tinnitus “Ringing in the Ears” and the different mechanism of what reasons it. Tinnitus is the distraction of the nerve in the interior ear and developing the ringing sensation on the ears.

00:00 Introduction: Tinnitus, some other mechanism that reasons it.
1:45 What can we do about tinnitus?
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In this video, Dr. Berg discusses the relation between prime insulin and tinnitus.

Can blood sugar purpose ringing in the ears?
Yes! The interior ear and the mind haven’t any glycogen garage unit, they rely on sugar in the blood.
When you will have prime ranges of sugar, 4 spaces of the frame might be destroyed: the center, the kidney, the mind, and the frightened device.

That’s why you get peripheral neuropathy and begin to really feel numbness. So, prime blood sugar can smash the nerves of the interior ear, you get ringing, which is known as tinnitus.

Also, prime blood sugar depletes vitamins, particularly nutrition B1, you then get started getting those signs.

Can insulin purpose ringing in the ears?
A learn about confirmed that round 84% of tinnitus instances have prime insulin however they by no means test for it.

What can we do about tinnitus?
• Find a excellent supply of a fat-soluble B nutrition known as Benfotiamine. It innervates the nerves to assist them heal from prime sugar or prime insulin.
• Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting

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4 spaces of the frame that will get destoyed if you have prime sugar and prime insulin:
1. Kidney
2. Brain
3. Heart
4. Nervous System

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37 thoughts on “Tinnitus "Ringing in the Ears" is an Insulin Problem – Dr.Berg”

  1. I will give this a go but I got my tinnitus after attending a loud rock concert 12 years ago. Stress probably a factor also. Thank you in anticipation. Namaste 🙏

  2. I used to wear earmuffs down the Firerooms when I was younger, and the sweat used to break the seal around my ears, causing a piercing whistling sound all the time. 4 hour watches. Plus Mt. 52 blew my eardrums out after letting off 24 rounds while I was directly below, in the filter bin. It's not only insulin issues that cause tinnitus. (CFA DDG, R.A.N.).

  3. What is the connection of antibiotics with tinnitus . Recently I had to take antibiotics and the ringing was gone . Has the cough something to to do with this.

  4. I started watching your channel recently, from Australia. It is so informative and easy to understand for us, who haven't medical background. I wonder if you could make a video or a few for us who suffer from diabetes 1 insulin dependent and especially for those living without pancreas. Living without pancreas usually means also living without spleen and gallbladder, which is hard. There are no enough information and specialists have no time to explain everything. Thank you .

  5. Your discussion on neural damage and insulin make me wonder if the heart high carb diets recommended by the FDA make the American public more susceptible to propaganda as they start losing brain function

  6. I have had severe tinnitus for over 25 years. I have over 12 sounds in my head, from a high pitched signal to sleigh bells to a pressure cooker sound. It has negatively affected my life in ways I cannot even explain. No one helps. They did tests and a head ct then gave me stupid hearing aids that only serve to amplify background and make it impossible to carry on a conversation in a group or one on one. I am so tired

  7. ANybody that tells you that tinnitus is a single problem for everybody with a single solutino is selling you something. And people with tinnitus are usually an easy mark to try just about anything.

  8. Benfotiamine is a synthetic, fat-soluble, S-acyl derivative of thiamine that is approved in some countries as a medication or dietary supplement to treat diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy. Benfotiamine was developed in late 1950s in Japan. Wikipedia

  9. I have learned that when I am completely hydrated, my ears stop ringing. I am supposed to drink 140 oz due to being 285 lbs. When I drink that full amount every day, the ringing lessens and then completely goes away . Very curious because I learned this on my own and have not seen or heard of it from anywhere else .

  10. Was in a car wreck, not my fault. My jaw was destroyed. Had a complete reconstruction, along with a titanium plate to hold things together. They put it my jaw back on sideways by a 1/4" wired shut for months. Now i have tinitis that will not stop. Getting corrective surgery to realign my jaw is over 100K. 😫

  11. I can stop my tinnitus by meditation.
    Taught myself how to do it when I was a teenager.
    Now I'm diabetic and have had no change in my tinnitus, so I don't believe you

  12. If 84% of those with tinnitus have high levels of insulin, but never check for high levels if insulin, how do those 84% know it is from high levels of insulin if never checked for it???

  13. taking one capsule a day of Benfotiamine has dramatically lowered the noise to a point i don't notice it there anymore unless i focus on it in a silent room. You saved me from Insanity. Thank you so much. I've been taking for only 2 weeks now with dramatic results.

  14. I am excited to watch all of your videos. I have been having ringing in my ears for months. I am going. To following your method through now and re take my vitamin B.
    Have started to do intermittent fasting but not being as good with decreasing the carbs during the one meal. Changing that. Glad to know it can improve.

  15. Hello Dr. I’m having ringing in my ears for couple months, if I take Benfotiamine will it make my blood 🩸 sugar drop fast? I don’t have diabetes, I was diagnosed in the past with prediabetes but my doctor said I don’t have it anymore

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