Tips for getting rid of sun tan | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Tanning is most commonly the end result of overexposure to UV gentle from the sun. Hence, summer time calls for particular skin-care. In nowadays’s video, watch Dr.Hansaji give us herbal house therapies to stop skin-tan.

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34 thoughts on “Tips for getting rid of sun tan | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra”

  1. Wow, watching how the puddles of sweat just dried up within 48 hours was so satisfying, I used what I read about the other day, and although it actually took about 72 hours for the sweating to totally normalize, I just go’ogled Cynthia Yulesin and now I don’t have to change clothes 2 times a day anymore.

  2. It really helps me to get glowing skin and now my skin is tan free I used yoga at morning and after 1 day I got superb results Thankyouuuuuuuuuu so much for sharing such a amazing tips thankyou 💗👍

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