Top 10 Mediterranean Foods You Should Be Eating

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Top 10 Mediterranean Foods You Should Be Eating- Thomas DeLauer

These are the highest 10 mediterranean meals that everybody – without reference to vitamin sort – must upload to their vitamin! Enjoy, and I’ll see you within the feedback!


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27 thoughts on “Top 10 Mediterranean Foods You Should Be Eating”

  1. For garlic I use a mortem or muddler to mush the garlic to a paste in my salad bowl prior to making my vinegrette. Usually olive oil and lemon. With Italian herbs.

  2. The Mediterranean Diet Has a Long-Standing Reputation As One of The Healthiest Eating Patterns Around. It’s Also Considered One of The Most Popular Plans Among Dieters Because It’s Flexible, Rich In Flavorful Foods, And Brimming With Health Benefits. In Fact, The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Linked To Increased Weight Loss, Decreased Inflammation, And a Lower Risk of Chronic Disease. This Video Takes a Look At The Mediterranean Diet, Including Its Benefits, Potential Drawbacks, And Foods To Eat And Avoid. 😍

  3. Thank you for this. Last Feb I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. The American Diabetes Association now recommends the Mediterranean diet. With that and the help of many keto principles that I have learned from their community I have lowered my A1C and lost 60lbs. I will soon be off all medications. I really wish others would take this information you put out there seriously, it can literally save lives.

  4. Thank you Thomas!, because of you I cut sugar and gluten from my diet, and eat mostly Mediterranean, Indian and Thai without the pita, naan and noodles, and I feel so much better!! Now I just need to get off my ass and exercise!😜

  5. I find it so frustrating that so many mainstream versions of the 'mediterranean diet' state that it includes little meat, dairy (cheese and yoghurt), and lots of grain. You only have to look up the staple food for these countries to see that the real Mediterranean diet actually includes lots of fish, lamb, pork, cheese with lots of veg along with proper olive oil!

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