Traditional Olive Oil Ravani | Greek Semolina Cake Recipe

Here’s a great simple and in reality scrumptious olive oil ravani. This Greek semolina cake recipe is loads of years outdated and includes a small handful of all herbal components. Try it nowadays, find it irresistible eternally….


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Hope you guys experience this video and when you’ve got any questions, feedback or tips, simply give me a shout and I’ll get again ASAP!!!!!

Try this nowadays and take your foods from unusual to OPA!!!!!

Hope you all find it irresistible!!!!!

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21 thoughts on “Traditional Olive Oil Ravani | Greek Semolina Cake Recipe”

  1. Ken…I can't believe the simplicity of this dessert! You say it's a revani but to me the ingredients are more like a halva except that its baked all in one, meaning, no syrup separately and no browning the semolina. But doesn't the revani also have a syrup you pour after baking the cake?? No matter, I'm making this tomorrow only because it's about 11:00 pm now LOL Thank you 👍🤗😊👍💕

  2. I love this recipe, it takes me back to my childhood too. My grandma used to add some orange peel into the batter and just a very very little amount of syrup.

    Regards from the other side of the Aegean Sea , Izmir.

  3. Γεια σου Κυριάκος
    Thank you for your amazing recipe
    Μας άνοιξες την όρεξη βραδιάτικα
    Greetings from melb Australia 🇬🇷🇦🇺
    Betty 🙏🙏😷😷👍🌹👌✌️✌️✌️

  4. Can’t wait to try this, Ken! Your lamb and chickpea stew is a staple in my house now. Thinking of making this to have as dessert after! Do you think that using milk instead of water would add any richness? Or do you think it would mess up the texture?

  5. Good day Ken , I had an idea is it ok to infuse the water with cloves , then remove them and use the infused water to gain more clove flavour and stick ones in as well .thanks for your time .

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