TUTORIAL – Automated Grapes and Olives – FS22 (PC Only)

Grapes and Olives sound like an ideal addition to the sport, however up till now it has required you to do all of the paintings manually. But now not to any extent further! Using the ability of Autodrive and Guidance Steering I’ll display you the best way to run all of the apparatus had to harvest grapes and olives with no need to do anything else your self, instead of set it up. Once you have got executed that when, each season simply sit down again, and let the employees care for it for you.

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22 thoughts on “TUTORIAL – Automated Grapes and Olives – FS22 (PC Only)”

  1. Honestly a little surprised CP doesn't handle the rows yet (haven't tried either but I'd suspect you would have said so if it did 😉 )
    Nice process, headache to setup but in the long run it would save you a load of time. Would suggest saving yourself the Guidance Steering side of it and just using the manual edit of the AD lines. when you record it sets points at a given interval but you could place them manually just at the start and finish of each row and if it works as well as 19 does it should run (only ever had problems if it thought there was something blocking it, a collision from something parked nearby).
    Cheers Argsy

  2. I can't, for the life of me, get my tractor to track straight. It is on a 270 degree line but slowly veers off to the right every time. I also did the A + B. The resulting white line tracks straight down the row all the way to the end but when I turn on GPS to follow it, it veers off to the right very slowly. It's a big field so no chance of making it to the other end.

  3. Really helpful, Thanks. Re the bearing of the vine rows, it should be pretty easy for one of these clever modders to make a mod that tells us. The vines themselves are rows of objects like fences so they must have co-ordinates. Just need some code that picks two in the line and calculates the bearing. Guessing it would be very easy for someone who both knows where to look and how to write the script. Thanks again. Gonna see if I can make this work as simply as you showed it on Old Stream.

  4. Didn't realize you could have implements running on Autodrive, don't know why, it seems obvious when you think about it. This may put grapes and olives back on my radar again.

  5. Excellent video and tutorial Argsy … I just wanted to ask you a question that I asked myself .. when the grape harvester has a full tank you have to manually unload the collection wagon .. it would no longer be useful to record the same path using the courseplay instead of the autodrive allowing you to also go and download the product automatically? thanks for your answer .. I follow you

  6. Heya. I have done everything acording to this tutorila, but my tractor keep saying that he can't reach the location. What can be the cause of the problem?
    Best regards, and keep up the good work!

  7. Playing on Elm Creek -planted perfect straight blocks of Grapes – waited for ever to harvest – My Braud 9070L (Base game) is harvesting the grapes off the vines but it is not filling up the Braud 9070L – I found the culprit. It is the "Beware of Straw" mod not working with the Grape Harvester.. Did not test it on the Olive Harvester

  8. One extra step I've done at the start of this is instead of going against the edge of the field, I used a plough with GPS heading straight North/South. I then Ploughed 10m or so at the start, used guidance steering to drive to the end and ploughed another 10m or so. This way I can be absolutely sure it's perfect (tbh you probably dont even need to plough, the tyre tracks are likely good enough). I initially went against the edge of the field, but by the end (maybe because it was a modded map) It was just a tiny bit out.

  9. I just subscribed to you. I have always wanted to automatically have my drivers workers do my vineyard grapes. this tutorial will help a lot. Unfortunately my PC went out either cpu or motherboard. But it’s time for a new 12900k anyways! Gonna get a new one as soon as I save the cash up. But I am ecstatic that I found automated Grapes and olives!!! I’m not much of a gamer but there’s a first for everything. I just got ATS Forza V. Racing wheel side panel, TH8 shifter and 18 speed shifter. Can you hear the violins? 🌝. That’s life. Oh well I got something to look forward to. No Big!!! Btw this is my first time ever leaving a comment on YouTube. Fantastic content keep up the good work. We all appreciate it.

  10. dont know if you know yet, but courseplay has now added the feature for grape and olive to be able to use all the equipment.. however it will not unload the harvester but autodrive will take care of that.

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