Ultra sticky earwax adhered to the eardrum (extracted with olive oil and suction)

In this video we see an overly difficult case involving extremely sticky, viscous, oxidized earwax. As smartly as occluding the ear canal some is adhered to the eardrum (tympanic membrane) inflicting additional listening to loss. olive oil (Earol spray) is utilized in conjunction with suction to gently take away the wax with out inflicting trauma. After the process the affected person reported hugely progressed listening to and felt their ear used to be a lot more at ease, the residual wax adhered in the ultimate pocket noticed against the finish of the video will have to pop out naturally when the affected person subsequent is going for a bath or tub.

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43 thoughts on “Ultra sticky earwax adhered to the eardrum (extracted with olive oil and suction)

  1. Andrea G says:

    You should do an FAQ video and involve viewers. I have loads of questions! (Why do these giant boulders of wax form and why do people let it get so bad before going to the doctor?). And I love your voice, it is so calming and so nice to see the face to go with it!

  2. Aey Lamauo says:

    As someone with experience, do you still find yourself having a reaction like that in your thumbnail often to some of the more gnarly cases? are you constantly surprised or would you say youve basically seen everything you could see in an ear?

  3. Susan W says:

    I recently found your channel and subscribed (in addition to Mr. Raithatha and Mr. Barber). Enjoy all three channels and find each audiologist uniquely informative. Thank you.

  4. Brad says:

    Great video–thanks!! Regarding that last bit of wax still adhering to the eardrum, would softening drops like Debrox or Earwax MD soften it and allow it to come off? Or would it come off on its own eventually? My own ears have been very plugged for months (confirmed by the inexpensive otoscope I bought on Amazon) but I'm reluctant to see my usual ENT guy because of Covid. Does Earol spray help wax come out on its own, or is it mostly useful as a removal aid by an ENT professional?

  5. brio says:

    I agree, it is amazing how the body is so wonderful ! I have seen (within my own profession ) the tiny web like structures that are so fine but they hold the heart valves in place, even though massive amounts of thick blood under pressure surge through them almost constantly . The body is certainly amazing ! Thank you for sharing the amazing work you do ! ❤️

  6. M N says:

    lmao I thought he said 89 squirts in the EAR HOLE…..after googling I see its EAROL OLIVE OIL SPRAY / DROPS LOL – love this guys soothing voice too

  7. Nancy’s kids says:

    Wooow that was a ginormous wax ball!! 🟤 it’s funny you mention how beautiful the blood vessels were lol yeah it was a pretty spot as part of the beauty and wonder of the human body.

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