US-Saudi Arabia Defense Pact Could Reshape Middle East

The US and Saudi Arabia are nearing a pact that would offer the kingdom security guarantees and lay out a possible pathway to diplomatic ties with Israel if its government brings the war in the Gaza Strip to an end, people familiar with the matter said. The agreement may offer the world’s biggest oil exporter access to advanced US weapons that were previously off-limits. Bloomberg’s Bill Faries reports.
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21 thoughts on “US-Saudi Arabia Defense Pact Could Reshape Middle East

  1. @alic1583 says:

    Why the hell Saudi Arabia needs defence pact with US? From which country Saudis have a threat from? Its just a drama created by US for their own interest!

  2. @user-kd6op9qi2y says:

    Omg Saudi will be a slave to us n isreal. Just like uae and they will never stand by Muslims if they get thier base in.salman please be smart do not fall for thier sneaky ways.learn men learn world woke u wake up too.

  3. @3zmn says:

    Is the Saudi money yours, or is it ours? We Saudis have an interest in our money. We do what we want. My Saudi ancestors introduced some countries to Islam, but until now you are in the dark. Saudi Arabia helps all countries whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim. It is a human duty.

  4. @afaqueanzar1323 says:

    The role of Saudi Arabia in Gaza war is not good.The prestige of Saudi rulers has gone down due their pro American and pro Israeli but anti hamas attitude.This is not in the interest of even the Saudi rulers World is very fast changing and America is no more super power.If this attitude of Saudi rulers prevails,it cannot be recognized as leader of Muslim world.

  5. @tomgolden1673 says:

    We had the Abraham Accords ,Biden's ignorance started the hamas war with stupid policy.Biden just had to screw the peace by ending Iran oil sanctions.
    Its unconscionable how stupid Biden's policy is.

  6. @Msevertrue147 says:

    Israel’s propaganda machine will not succeed, the facts of her war crimes and genocide in Gaza, and 75 years of apartheid politics against the Palestinian people, robbing their land with armed Jewish gangs settlers speaks louder than their phony politicians!

  7. @carlosvalera7816 says:

    Imperial or better said world tyranny blackmailing? If you don't roll with us, we let you alone but not only that, they can see a color revolution. That's what you get when you sleep with the devil. Tough situation for the Saudi democratically elected as well as for the Jordan. They bend over and their same people will revolt and if they don't, their owner will destroy them. It would have been to have a pair from the beginning without being an azz licker. Any doubts about the real nature of the ones who think they own the world. They can't fool people with their false narrative on democracy, freedom, free speech and free trade.

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