US troops accidentally raid factory in Bulgaria

The proprietor of a small sunflower oil factory in Bulgaria has filed a lawsuit after US squaddies accidentally stormed his facility throughout a Nato army workout closing month. The squaddies mistook the factory for a decommissioned airbase used as a part of the workout.

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‘No guns have been fired at any time throughout the interplay,’ the military remark stated. The Bulgarian president, Rumen Radev, stated it was once ‘completely unacceptable to have the lifestyles and calm of Bulgarian voters put in danger via army devices, be they a part of the Bulgarian or international defense force’

US troops accidentally raid sunflower oil factory in Bulgaria ►

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40 thoughts on “US troops accidentally raid factory in Bulgaria”

  1. What a bunch of fools..They are lucky nobody got killed in the factory..What is America doing their anyway..or anywhere else?Yankee go home…..

  2. Bulgaria : What the F is wrong with you!? That's just an Olive Oil Factory! A cooking Oil!


  3. The oil isn't the point you guys, It's the fact that they intruded into their property. It's like me coming over to your house and looking inside your fridge for something to eat. You just don't do it.

  4. I can't believe that.. imagine you are just working in your homeland and than all of a sudden soldiers who speak a foreign language point their rifles at you… Just goes to show how the US are pushing their nose everywhere. Get the f..k out of Bulgaria

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